The one with nothing to post about.

I have nothing to post about.

Okay, I lied. There are a couple of things to post about, but I don’t really feel like it. However, I’m bored, so here goes.

I’m wearing my patience down to a husk waiting for my new PC to come in. I already backed up all my data, so all that’s left is a couple of minor things – the settings for my web server, a list of apps I have, and other miscellaneous items. Other than that, nothing – which, by the way, is the subject of this entry. NOTHING. 別に。

Watched V For Vendetta on Friday evening with J to the E (James H – E is his middle initial). Not a bad movie, but it kinda blatantly sends a message, doesn’t it? Those of you who watched it, you know what I mean. Today, watched Into The Blue in the afternoon with J.E (Jessica Alba is one hot mama (damn you, Mario Lopez (or is he AC Slater?))). The movie kept shutting off his amp due to a high decibel safety. The only problem is, I tested the movie on my amp at home, and it worked fine. So, the issue might be with his amp. We’ll see next week when we watch another movie. All the new ones worth watching have already been watched, so I was thinking The Pink Panther and The Legend Of Zorro next. Either that, or delve into my J-Movie collection and watch SHINOBI and Sakigake!! CROMARTIE Koukou.

I made about $95 in deliveries this weekend – not bad. So, I picked up Animal Crossing for DS, since it was only $30 at Blockbuster. Since I didn’t buy it at Wal-Mart who priced it higher, I saved about $15 ( reference). Unfortunately, I’m running out of CD-Rs, and that $15 could have went to buying a 50-pack spindle – therefore, I lost $15. If it’s any consolation, I earned 5000 bells in Animal Crossing.

Even if there’s really nothing to post about, if you just start typing about anything, that nothing will become something. A meaningless, idle banter of a something, but still a something, nevertheless.

I… love… lesbians, byaaah!



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  1. LOL XD

    I’ve been meaning to watch V for Vendetta. It seems like a pretty good movie, and I was told it’s suppose to convey some sort of political message so it won’t be any surprise. Movies with controversial topics can seem to go one way or the other.

  2. Oh btw, I wanted to thank you for the info re: Hachikuro OST. I don’t know why I can’t post a comment for that entry any more, so I’m adding it here. :) Thanks!!

  3. Yeah, the movie was pretty political, but it made sense, and the action was pretty good.

    As for that entry, I also don’t know why you can’t post to it. Oh, well, you’re welcome!

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