The one with PoP!

Well, it looks as though Alex Fletcher of PoP (that band from the 80’s who sang PoP! Goes My Heart and Meaningless Kiss) started writing new music after being revived by Cora Corman at her recent Madison Square Garden concert. Cora’s a bit of a spiritual nutjob in my opinion, but with such power over kids and teens these days, she may very well have reintroduced the next generation to Wham!, Tears For Fears, and Culture Club.

If you haven’t seen Music And Lyrics, you might not get anything I talked about here. So, yeah, that’s pretty much the highlight of what I did this weekend. I watched Music And Lyrics on Friday night – it was such an accurate satire of what pop music was like in the 80’s and what it is now. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore delivered great performances, and even their singing was not as bad as what I would have expected. Grant sure can imitate an 80’s singing voice like nobody’s business. The PoP music video was frighteningly accurate for the era.

I managed to visit Candace at work all weekend. She was doing pretty good for her first shift back to work. Her first two days were quite interesting – two power failures made her realize that she forgot some aspects of the job, but she managed to persevere. Visiting with her made me natsukashii about working at NexInnovations. It’s only been three months, though! ^_^

Saturday night, I watched Catch & Release with Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith. It wasn’t that great of a movie, but Kevin Smith was hilarious and Juliette Lewis was surprisingly hot (especially for an actress who usually plays women of low caliber). Also, BT did part of the movie score. I wonder if he will ever make electronica again?

Sunday, Esmond, Mom, and I went for lunch at Northern Flavors – the local coffee shop. Their flavor shots add a splash to drab soda. After that, we were going to hit the local hobby store, but Dad called, saying that he finally had time to start working on the woodshed. It’s about gorram time – we headed back and started digging up the sand in the backyard that was buried under tons of moss and clover, and wheelbarrowed it to a spot just outside of our property line. Dad insisted that all our neighbors were using unsanctioned land because of the forest behind us, but I argued that just because everybody is jumping off the bridge, we shouldn’t blindly follow. I bet that’s the first time you’ve ever heard a child say that to a parent. Oh, well, he overruled with his parenthood and we ended up breaking the rules. Anyway, we got only half of it done because it was a hot day out, tons of mosquitoes and flies were abuzz, and I am an out-of-shape fat bastard. Well, I’m not that bad, but I’m about as soft as Lee Adama after New Caprica was settled.

According to Cora Corman, a girl’s booty is the way into a man’s heart.


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