The one with Staples.

Apple MacBook

So, I bought an Apple MacBook today.

Say what?!

Staples had a special opening today (their grand opening is on Saturday) for business owners. Yes, we have a Staples store! w00t! Anyway, I went with Mom and AM this morning (since we own a restaurant), and I picked up the Logitech MX 400 mouse, which I’ve been interested in for some time, ever since I got one for Esmond at FutureShop. However, I didn’t want to pay full price, but when I saw it at Staples this morning, it was on sale for $20 less, with the option to redeem a mail-in rebate of $10. Not only that, but the special opening offered 15% off everything in the store. So, I grabbed it faster than a kid finding Optimus Prime on the shelves back in 1985. I also saw two MacBooks on display. I’ve really been wanting to get a Mac for a long time now, but I haven’t found an opportunity to get one, especially since they’re so hella expensive for the high-end models.

Kashimashi ~GIRL MEETS GIRL~ - Girls
Kashimashi ~GIRL MEETS GIRL~

After work, I hung out with Candace, helping her out with her PC at home, and then we went to Staples to check things out – she picked up some speakers for her portable DVD player and a USB cable for her printer. I, on the other hand, was mulling over the MacBooks I saw all day. I even checked my MasterCard balance, and I had more than enough to pick one up. I checked Apple’s website to do some comparisons – the model I wanted was the top-end MacBook (it was the only one that came in black, and I wanted to match my iPod). I thought and reconsidered and backtracked over and over again. Finally, I broke down and decided to buy it. With the 15% discount, it would be like paying $1399 with taxes instead of the MSRP $1649.

Unfortunately, the display model was the only one in stock.


Okay, all Gyakuten Saiban jokes aside, Staples didn’t push me to buy the floor model, they actually suggested waiting for one that would be coming in shipment. They had me prepay for it so that I could take advantage of the 15% discount, and they took my name and number down (twice), so I’ll be checking back on Tuesday. I can hardly wait!

My dear readers may be wondering what I would need with a second laptop (let alone a fourth PC). Well, I don’t, but if I don’t beat Dennis in the amount of laptops/PCs in the house, I wouldn’t be geek enough, now would I? ^_^

It sucks that I won’t get to play with my new MacBook over the weekend, but thank goodness for Gyakuten Saiban 2, World of Warcraft – The Burning Crusade, and Smallville.

NSFW link ahead.


Famous for being photographed in nosebleed-worthy chaku-ero shots, YINLING has a new partner in the JOYTOY series – Sasaoka Akane. Wish I had some photos of her, but YINLING will have to do (and I’m not upset about that either)!

Kagurazaka Megumi
Kagurazaka Megumi

Too sexy for that dress. May as well get rid of it (ecchi thoughts aplenty). ^_~


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