The one with Tenac.

KANON - I Won't Let You Escape
KANON – Escape (4-koma doujin)

“Tenac. I looked it up in the dictionary. Wasn’t in there.”

It’s been a crazy weekend. Before I go into that, though, I’ll go back to last week. The aftermath of the PS3 and Wii campouts lingered still. I ended up picking up Trauma Center: Second Opinion and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz at Rogers Video (of all places). Both are very phenomenal games (especially with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk). Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to play my Wii recently (let alone .hack//G.U.), because I’ve devoted so much of my time to FINAL FANTASY III for DS. Why? Because I can play it anywhere, and it looks so pretty compared to the original! ^_^

Not much going on. I spent Thursday night watching M:I:III with Candace at my place. Strictly friends here.

Earlier that week, Eugene asked if I wanted to go to Winnipeg for the weekend. On a whim, I decided to, since I had to go to Snow Lake and Wabowden for work that week. Basically, my gas would be paid for. Nice.

We left at close to 16:00 after last minute lunch for Eugene and dropping my pager and parts off at the Nexi trailer. It was a rough ride out, because the highway was covered in packed snow and ice. About a quarter of the way, the highway cleared up, and it was smooth sailing. We arrived in Winnipeg at 23:15, and we headed to Perkins on St. James, but it moved around the corner to Ness with a bigger building and parking lot. I think that location used to be a diamond/jewelry store. Anyway, we walked in at 23:30, and the hostess immediately informed us that they were closing at 0:00. Uhh… what? As far as I know, Perkins is a 24-hour restaurant, right? Apparently, not anymore. They changed their hours for all their locations. What a crock. Anyway, Eugene was hungry, so he didn’t care as long as he got to eat.

Twenty minutes later, and our server still hadn’t come to our table. Eugene asked the same hostess what the hold-up was, and she explained that they only had 4 or 5 servers working the floor, which was ridiculous for a packed restaurant. Eventually, Eugene got so pissed off that he complained to a random server, who went to get the manager. Now, if any of you know me in person, you’ll know that I dislike confrontations. That’s why you’ll understand why I dragged Eugene out of the restaurant, quietly telling him not to make a big deal about it. We went to Hooters across the street, which was open until 1:00. We sat ourselves, got served in 2 minutes, and got food in 5 minutes. That (hot) waitress got a $10 tip. Doggy bag in hand, we headed for the University campus, called Esmond, and headed to his room. We all met up, and as it turned out, it was a bad weekend to stay with him.

Azuma Kiyohiko VS. BARASUI

The entire residence building was having a christmas social (not a capitalization error – I don’t believe in holidays, so why should I capitalize them?) the next day – the last social of the semester, so they had festivities (and massive drinking) planned for the entire weekend, beginning bright and early the next morning. We were so tired that we didn’t care. We inflated the air mattress, which was too small for both Eugene and I, so Esmond took it and we took the bed. At about 7:00 in the morning, overdistorted music started playing from all directions and a loud banging was emanating from several doors on the floor, followed by calls of “Time to wake up!” As it turned out, they were good on their scheduling, and they were waking people up by knocking on doors with hammers. So, even if people didn’t want to be woken up, the sound would echo throughout the floor, from any door. Grudgingly, I restrained myself from finding and choking the little shit who interrupted my sleep, and I went to the bathroom instead to try and splash my face with water.

Oh, I forgot to mention – I had a stomach ache at around 5:00 that took me to the washroom.

We got up, but didn’t leave the room until around 9:30, deciding to go have breakfast at the new Salisbury House on Pembina (where the old Perkins used to be). Then, we hit some stores to get some shopping done for Esmond, and then we did some unnecessary splurging. Because of my need to save up and pay off my loan, I think I shouldn’t be allowed to bring money on any trip ever again. At least for the next two years or so. Anyway, I got Esmond a new mouse for his laptop (because the old one was crap) and a 100-disc DVD+R spindle, and an iPod dual USB/Firewire cable and the Primal Fear DVD for me. Why that particular movie? Because of a funny movie conversation between me and Candace at work during the week. After that, we went to St. Vital (parking was horrendous) and watched Casino Royale. We hit Wal-Mart, picked up some necessities for Esmond (we spoil him too much), ate a light lunch at Arby’s, wandered the rest of the mall, I bought more stuff (the two latest Madonna singles and Tony Jaa’s Spirited Killer), visited Ian briefly at work (sorry for not calling you and Jazmine – it was such a crazy weekend!), and went to Mother’s Music where Eugene bought a wah pedal and a coffin case for his guitar, and I bought some violin books and a music stand. Then, we went to Tony Roma’s for supper, and went back to Esmond’s place where Eugene crashed for a bit. We also dropped off all our purchases for the day. Esmond and I went to another residence (residence name withheld by request – but by WHO??) where I visited an old friend, Mindy. Then, we went back to St. Vital to watch Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny. Oh, I forgot to mention, the residence was quite busy, surrounded by drunks and stuff. Even Esmond’s friend, John, was hammered out of his mind. Esmond went to get help to let John into his room (because he locked his keys inside), but Eugene and I retired to sleep. We had a better night’s sleep, but I was up at 9:30 so I could get Esmond’s mouse installed, as well as apply some other fix-ups.

KANON - Hey!
KANON – Hey! (4-koma doujin)

Sunday was a bit more laid-back (NOT!). Skipped breakfast, lunch at Quizno’s behind St. Vital. Left Esmond at Chapters, watched Borat (Esmond had already seen it twice), met up with Esmond back at Chapters, bought several manga and graphic novels (the GN’s were for Esmond), Madonna’s Drowned World Tour 2001 DVD at HMV, Ninja Gaiden Black at EBGames, and then planned for supper at Red Lobster. Since the one on Pembina was closed, Eugene suggested hitting the one on Regent. When we got there, we scoured Regent, and as it turned out, there wasn’t one on Regent. Hahaha. So, we had to go to the one on Portage. Instead of going all the way back on Lagimodiere through Bishop Grandin and route 90, I powered us west on Regent through Nairn to Main (thank goodness for hanging out with Angela last year), then hit the all-dreaded Portage until we arrived at Red Lobster. We ate big, dropped Esmond off, missed a chance to hang out with Nico (sorry, man, I’ll call you when I get a week off there), and left the city after grabbing a supply of Wendy’s burgers.

Just talking about the whole trip tired me out again. I only recovered from the lack of sleep on the trip just yesterday (two days! O_O), so after drifting mindlessly through work, I realized that there wasn’t much work to do anyway. Whew.

I’ll update again with some pictures later, since this post is bare. (UPDATE: Updated. Lots of 4-koma doujin and even a surprise page by Azuma-sensei. Hehehe.)

NSFW link ahead.

XENOSAGA – Clean (4-koma doujin)

This 4-koma is definitely NOT clean. ^_^ Dedicated to all the Shion/KOS-MOS yuri pairing otaku out there.

Jeri Ryan - FHM 01

Jeri Ryan - FHM 02

Jeri Ryan - FHM 03

Jeri Ryan - FHM 04

Jeri Ryan - FHM 05

Resistance is futile! This month’s FHM had Jeri Ryan in it. I finally broke down and bought the issue in Winnipeg. However, these aren’t my scans, since my scanner isn’t working. I retouched them, though. ^^


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