The one with the 25 GB backup.

The weekend was quite interesting. I backed up several anime and drama series to DVD+R, clearing up 25 GB of space on my HDD. Yay! 25 GB down, only 175 GB more to go… oh. ;_;

I also started working on Priss’ Grad video, using the latest Adobe Premiere instead of Ulead Videostudio (because that program crashes too damn much for all the basic tasks). It started out simple, and then I started playing around with Premiere a bit more and I found that I enjoy it a lot more. Don’t get me wrong – if you want something done quickly, VS is the way to go, due to its simplistic nature. However, if you want something done right, Premiere all the way. Even without add-ons and filters, Premiere has a lot of backbone. There’s a lot of room to customize what’s available as well. Not only that, but once you figure out the interface, you’ll find that there’s really nothing you can’t do to video and audio. My only gripe is the fact that Premiere has very basic DVD authoring, so I had no choice but to install Adobe Encore DVD yesterday. So far, I can tell that this program will also end my use of Ulead DVD Workshop. One thing you have to give Adobe credit for – they sure do know how to make programs that are simple at first glance, but hardcore under the covers.

Well, I didn’t just spend all weekend on the video. I did deliveries at the restaurant (while working on the video in between deliveries – I love laptops) during the evenings. After work, I hung out with James H over the course of the weekend, watching movies into the late night. I got in the Stealth Original Score CD by BT, and because it was an awesome score, I decided to rent that movie. We also watched a couple other movies. Orgazmo and Night Watch. Night Watch is a Russian flick that’s best described as vampire action, but the movie had a very engaging storyline. The only reason we rented it, though, is because the PC game was released not too long ago, and it topped the charts. The movie started out slow and confusing, with lots of background. We gave up on watching it the first night, but then I watched the rest of it at the restaurant before I had to return it, and I ended up keeping it an extra day to show James since the movie had such a killer twist of an ending! I will definitely be looking to watch the second one.

I also got some actual PC work after the longest dry spell. Mind you, they were all easy jobs – like a user forgetting his login password, a user not being able to connect to his wireless router, crap like that. So, unfortunately, I didn’t make much money, and I ended up spending it all anyway. The surprise came when my aunt passed me some cash for doing her website and working at the restaurant. I also got my GST check in. Money is finally flowing in – and as usual, at a time when I desperately need it.

All that’s left for Priss’ grad video is to author it on DVD and upload the videos to YouTube for online viewing. After that’s all done, I need to finish encoding Eugene’s live band footage and the wedding video for Marcus and Amanda. Sometime in between, I need to redo my aunt’s website, since I found a new shopping cart and payment gateway. I was using AgoraCart at first, but that thing is no good, and customization sucks on it.


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