The one with The Burning Crusade.

WoW Burning Crusade CE - Front Box WoW Burning Crusade CE - Tray WoW Burning Crusade CE - Box and Tray
WoW Burning Crusade CE - Contents WoW Burning Crusade CE - Rear Box

If you haven’t guessed it from the photos above, I got in my collector’s edition box of World of WarCraft: The Burning Crusade! Jump for joy! Actually, I got in two boxes, but one of them is for Esmond.

Yeah, so I got a bit lazy over the week, stopping my last blog entry on Saturday night. I guess I’ll pick up from where I last left off.

Sunday morning. we woke up at around 11:00, catching up on lost sleep from the drive down on Friday night. We headed off to Chinatown, where we ate dim sum at Kum Koon Garden, and then went to Sun Wah Supermarket to pick up some groceries that the parents wanted. Luckily, they called ahead and had the store already fill a cart up for them, so it was pretty much all done by the time we got there, albeit a few other last-minute items. Putting it in the car was interesting, considering that there was almost no room left for Leroy, Alex, and their luggage. They had wanted a friend to tag along, but the last seat was occupied by the huge box of noodles and a bag of rice. Since Esmond and I were still in the car, it just wasn’t possible for us to pick up Leroy and Alex, so I drove to Ian and Jazmine’s, grabbed my things, and said farewell (and don’t break my car). I hung out with Ian and Jazmine in their apartment for a bit, catching up on things and making plans for the rest of the day and the next, explaining that Candace would be staying over for a night or two. Jazmine had that look in her eyes that makes my spine rattle in anxiety, but I assured her that she would like Candace. Anyway, to sweeten the deal, I took them out for supper at Kenko Sushi. The waitress was pretty cute. When we got back to the apartment, we watched Hoodwinked, which was quite amusing.

Monday morning. Jazmine made German-style pancakes with soy milk for breakfast. We hung out for a bit and then Candace called me to say that she was done with her doctor’s appointment, and that she would meet up with me at 15:00. Ian’s mother, Iris, just so happened to invite us over for tea at 13:00, so we got ready and headed over (actually, she picked us up). Iris is quite the crafty person (as in she makes crafts), and though I took a picture of one of her works, I found out later that I hit the wrong button and consequently didn’t save the picture. Stupid phone! Tea itself was good – peppermint tea with some pumpkin biscuit-y things (I have to ask Ian what they’re called again). After some interesting conversation in the sitting room, Candace called up and agreed to meet me where I was, so I gave her some directions from her hotel.

That is, I TRIED to give her directions and ended up relinquishing my phone to Jazmine, who gave her proper directions. Candace eventually showed up, and I met her outside, but I convinced her to join us for some tea, so that she could meet Ian and Jazmine. It was… err… interesting to see my best friends from two different places meet and converse. It was almost like an out-of-this-world experience, kind of like that moment when you see two of your favorite characters in a TV show meet up for the first time after living in different places. Heroes is probably the best example I can think of, when Hiro finally met Isaac. Anyway, we all sat and had tea for a bit before deciding on a gameplan. Jazmine had to go to work at 17:00, and Candace and I had made plans to watch a movie or two. We all headed back to the apartment to find movie listings, and we decided to watch Casino Royale, since both Ian and Candace hadn’t seen it yet. We all headed to Polo Park, dropped off Jazmine at work, and headed to SilverCity. Ian grabbed some Pizza Hut, and Candace and I grabbed some Burger King, and after eating, we made it into the theater. Even though I’d already seen the movie, it was still great, and I caught some things I hadn’t noticed before. After the movie, we picked up Jazmine and headed back to the apartment. Jazmine had a craving for fuzzy peach candies, so we went to Sugar Mountain and picked up some candy (but not me – I already had a Cinnamon Kit-Kat and Coffee Crisp back at the apartment). There was a lot of retro candies there, and Candace and Jazmine were just too funny – they were like little kids in a candy store (literally!). Candace and Jazmine really got to know each other, and Ian and I added to the conversation here and there.

Sleeping in the same futon as Candace was strictly that – sleeping. Drop the dirty thoughts already, we’re just friends.

Tuesday morning. I got too much sleep the other night and I woke up at 5:00. I decided to do some surfing on my laptop (was supposed to play WoW, but the recliner wasn’t comfortable enough for that). Ian woke up and headed off to work, and I was given crap from Candace for not taking her car and driving him. She said she told me to do so, but I think I didn’t hear that part for some odd reason. I might have also forgotten, which happens to me all too often. Anyway, it was going to be a big day – Candace decided that we would leave on Wednesday, so we would be staying another night. She tried to get a hold of somebody to feed her horses for another night, but no such luck – she forgot the phone number and her roommate wasn’t home. At the same time, we found a place to buy some horse goods – Feed-Rite. After getting directions, we ate some leftover pineapple buns (from Sunday’s dim sum) and headed off, dropping Jazmine off at work and going to Feed-Rite. After stopping off at a CIBC ATM on Marion St, we found the place, and they were so friendly! Candace bought a few things, not too much, but a guy overheard her predicament with her horses and the (stupid) vet in town, so he gave her a name and number of a vet who might be able to travel to Thompson to do all the horses up there, and the salesman even gave Candace her needles and syringes for free! In the words of Karyn, she saved about $50.

After that, we hit St. Vital, ate lunch (yay for custom pasta at Miss Vanelli’s), and visited Ian briefly. After refueling the car, we hit SilverCity at Polo Park, where Candace convinced me (read: forced me) to watch Primeval with her. As luck (or bad luck) would have it, it turned out to be a giant crocodile movie that could have been Lake Placid 2: Hunt In Africa (don’t look for it, I just made that up XD), instead of the voodoo psychological horror that Candace was expecting it to be, so she was naturally upset about it while I was relieved. I have a weak stomach for gory movies, in case you didn’t know. So, after that, we bought tickets for A Night At The Museum, which didn’t start for another hour, so we decided to go visit Jazmine at work and cruise Polo Park.

The visit with Jazmine was pretty basic, but the fun began when we tried to leave – we ran into a person I knew. It was a pharmacist named Kerri who used to rent my old house from AM, so I made small talk with her, but Candace butted in, acted rude, and pulled me away before I could blink and figure out what happened. Candace explained to me that Kerri had served her once before at Shoppers back in town, and she was extremely rude, so Candace was just returning the favor. I had to laugh – leave it to Candace to hold a grudge. Not me, though, I’m a very forgive-and-forget kind of person. My philosophical stance on it is that, “life is too short so there’s no time for fussing or fighting”. However, I could just be a complete wuss who doesn’t like confrontations, but who cares? After circling the mall for a bit, we headed back to SilverCity and watched the movie, which was hilarious! We picked up Jazmine after that, and then we headed back and chatted for a bit before going to sleep.

Wednesday morning. I learned from my mistake the previous morning and dropped Ian off at work. Candace and I packed up and dropped Jazmine off at work, stopped off at Wendy’s to grab some road food, and left Winnipeg. Candace is hilarious when she sings along earnestly to music in the car. I told her about some of my family history to keep us occupied until we got back to town. What a trip – I’ll definitely be going down with her more often.

Not much has happened since I got back. I met Terry in my office, who’s from Brandon. My car was also being a pain in the ass – it wouldn’t start all day yesterday. I also made my RRSP contributions for this year on Thursday, and I picked up the Complete Invasion box set of Invader Zim. Invader blood runs through my veins like radioactive rubber pants! Do not ignore my veins!

Hayden Panettiere

Going back to Heroes for a moment, I found out that Hayden Panettiere, the actress who plays Claire in the show, is releasing a debut CD this spring. I listened to some of her current tracks, and they were actually quite good! Next to chick flicks (I really hate that term, but I haven’t come up with an alternative name for them), one of my other guilty pleasures is pop music. If there’s a cute girl who can sing and the songs are catchy, I’m pretty much there. Hayden sang I Fly for Ice Princess (which was a good movie too).

I just got in the FINAL FANTASY III Original Soundtrack CD, and it’s so good! I also got in HACHIMITSU To CLOVER, but I haven’t watched it yet. Maybe tonight. I’ll curl up with a bag of popcorn and prepare to be entertained. I also have two episodes of Smallville to go through (my TiVo is BitTorrent), and I also want to watch The Protector, which I’ve been waiting for ever since it was advertised on TV. Tony Jaa is crazy awesome, and I hope he makes more movies.

NSFW link ahead.

TonaGURA! - Wallpaper by Noein-Disgaea
TonaGURA! – Wallpaper by Noein-Disgaea

I haven’t watched TonaGURA! yet, but it’s definitely a series I have to get around to watching, since it has all the elements I like in a series – girls, ecchi, and more ecchi! (fanboy mode)!

SALLY Yoshino
SALLY Yoshino

I have no other words for this, since it’s quite self-explanatory. Most people are quite generalized about their obsessions, but I would have to say that I’m an onnakon. I love all kinds of girls. Hehehe.


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