The one with the completed server move.

Everything is finally done with the server move and domain consolidation. I changed a lot of the infrastructure, so things will be easier to find now (for me, anyway).

Actually, everything was done a week or two ago, but I’ve been too busy to actually post something that mentioned it. Stupid 13 hour days anyway. X_x

Well, lots to say, but no time to actually say it. Even now, I’m at work, and I just had a bit of a respite between tasks, so I thought I’d actually post something. I also thought I’d post a treat, so after the jump, there’s a NSFW photo of the sexy NOVIA plamo (of HOT GIMMICK 3 fame) that came out in January. I would buy it, but I am really strapped for cash, despite all the working. That’s what I get for buying a car.

NSFW after the jump (although I already stated this above).


Hot damn, that is both cute and sexy. 吉崎観音先生はサイキョウ(PSIKYO)だ。 ^_~


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The one with all the Lesson Reviews.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this blog ever since I started using Hummingbird last fall. So, I decided to try an idea of mine called Lesson Reviews. Essentially, it’s more of a “what I learned from X anime” than a review, but the thing is, there will be good and […]

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