The one with the crashing router.


Over the course of two months, I’ve been reading the five-part trilogy of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams. This immense piece of literature is so inherently British in nature that it would, as you pass it by in a bookstore, leap out of its confines in a bookshelf and exclaim, “I’m quite interesting, you know!” After reading an average of a chapter per day, I’ve finally made it to the third volume, Life, The Universe And Everything. I have no idea why I never read these books when I was younger, I would have favored them very much. Take, for instance, this excerpt from Life, The Universe And Everything:

Very few things actually get manufactured these days, because in an infinitely large Universe such as, for instance, the one in which we live, most things one could possibly imagine, and a lot of things one would rather not, grow somewhere. A forest was discovered recently in which most of the trees grew ratchet screwdrivers as fruit. The life cycle of a ratchet screwdriver fruit is quite interesting. Once picked it needs a dark dusty drawer in which it can lie undisturbed for years. Then one night it suddenly hatches, discards its outer skin which crumbles into dust, and emerges as a totally unidentifiable little metal object with flanges at both ends and a sort of ridge and a sort of a hole for a screw. This, when found, will get thrown away. No one knows what it is supposed to gain from this. Nature, in her infinite wisdom, is presumably working on it.

Absolutely priceless. What an irreverant mix of uselessness and the ultimate cosmic joke known as the Universe. It seems as though life was made only to mock us at times, and this book takes square advantage of it. Love it or hate it, you’ll probably end up tolerating it if you read it once through. Hehehe.

So, my router. My poor, frakking router. My poor, frakking router which is about to be hurled out an open window twenty-seven stories above the edge of a cliff overlooking a raging river of lava some fourteen more stories below that. I use BitTorrent to do most of my downloading these days, because: (a) IRC is too much work and requires you to communicate with people, (b) Newsgroups are random, and (c) Online storage websites like RapidShare can kiss my Jamaican ass (even though I’m Chinese). Thanks to modern torrent client technology, I can visit three of my most favorite content sites and queue up my torrents for the night so that they will be completed by the next night. However, due to some flaw in my router, it’s been crashing a lot as of late, and after much deliberation and research, I found out that my router isn’t built to handle the onslaught of simultaneous TCP connections that torrents make. Don’t forget the fact that I usually run three torrents at a time – two downloading and one seeding – or that there are four boxes in my house that are running torrents with the same queue settings. Can you say TCP connection nightmare? All of a sudden, my router is forced to work overtime like a person who just found out that he went 1000 minutes over his 200 minutes of talk time on his cell phone plan. Needless to say, it took the brunt of it quite well for a while, only rebooting itself once everyday, but now the poor thing is doing it every 5 minutes. My torrents lose their connections before they can download a significant amount of packets, and then they have to establish connections again from scratch when the router crashes. So, as a temp measure, I’ve shut down BitTorrent clients on all the machines in the house except for mine to see what would happen. The router now only crashes once every 30 minutes now. I think I need a new router.

Mahou Sensei Negima Wallpaper - WINTER PRELUDE Version II by nageni
Mahou Sensei Negima Wallpaper – WINTER PRELUDE Version II by nageni

I’m getting tired already. I didn’t get enough sleep this morning because the calls from hell were paging me at such a forsaken hour in the morning. I hate how my job does that to me. Unfortunately, if I get up only a couple hours before my alarm clock goes off, I find it very difficult to go back to sleep. I would just lay there with my eyes closed, not sleeping. Just hoping that I will. If, by some twisted miracle, I manage to finally doze off, the alarm clock kicks in five minutes after the fact to hammer the nail further in.

If you have a pager for work, my suggestion to those of you who hate the frakking thing to death – shut it off. If you’re given crap about it the following day, you can use the excuse, “Oh, the battery must have died.” Alternatively, there’s the sneaky, “I never got a page. It’s been silent the whole night. Look, I’m clicking through it and I have no new pages.” That way, you can blame the technology and the service provider. Take your pick. On the downside, if you use this method too many times, your company may consider purchasing a Blackberry for you, and that’s when you’ll be screwed.

I’m going to bed. Right after this.

Fate/stay night - RIDER and Sakura sunbathing
Fate/stay night – RIDER and Sakura sunbathing!

Maybe I need a girlfriend, maybe I don’t. I keep posting these pretty images, so it makes people wonder – I’m definitely not gay, but I’m single and not looking. Meh. I hate the whole dating game. The reason is this – I hate games, period. There shouldn’t be any game at all. If you like somebody and they like you back, just go for it. Make no pretenses, quit with the mindblows, and just be honest. I realize I’ll almost never find anybody like that, and that suits me just fine. Yo ho ho, it’s the pirate’s life for me. I mean, single life. Yeah. That’s the ticket. Arrr. I mean, yes.

Riiiiiiight. I think I need sleep.


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