The one with The Da Vinci’s Code.

Well, shortly after breakfast yesterday, Jazmine took off to work and I did some bumming around – read some manga, surfed the Web – until noon, when I started to get a bit hungry. I called up Eugene, and he was at The Forks with Jennilee, having lunch. He said he would call me back once she was done with her busking, which wouldn’t be until after 16:00, so I took a walk. Went to Starbucks down the street, picked up a Passion Iced Tea, then to 7-Eleven, where I got more minutes for my cell phone, a couple of Taquitos, and some chips. Went back to the apartment and munched while watching some Invader Zim (ahh… classic).

I was fixing up my laptop until Eugene called me up and said that they were ready to go. Off I went, consulted the map beforehand to find a shortcut to Main St through Stradbrook Ave, got there in five minutes, and then we had to pick up one of their friends, Randy, who, apparently, has partied and/or lived with tons of people we know from our town, but has never actually been there. So, off to Goulet St, parked at the Safeway between Goulet St and Marion St, and waited for Randy. While waiting, I went into the Safeway to get some gum (and make some change for future parking), and then with Randy in tow, we headed off to Portage, where we went to Olive Garden. There was no parking. If there was, it was between two morons who didn’t know how to park in their own stall without overtaking the other. I ended up parking on the side of the lot and we went into the restaurant… where we were told of a 35 minute wait. So… went to Red Lobster next door and we got in right away. I ordered the ultimate feast. Never had it before, but it was impressive. Lots of evil butter and breading and stuff, so I had a lot of dairy today than usual. Thank goodness I didn’t get too sick. We went to SilverCity right after and watched The Da Vinci Code. After the movie, Randy showed me a neat shortcut to get to Main St through Broadway. I love Winnipeg in that there are so many ways to get somewhere… so many nooks and crannies. On the other hand, Winnipeg really needs a mass transportation system like a subway or skytrain, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before.

After dropping off Randy, I dropped off Eugene and Jennilee at her place, and then I took another neat shortcut to Donald St through River Ave. When I got back, Ian and Jazmine were still up. We chatted and surfed the Web for a bit, but it was off to bed for us. This morning, just bumming around until noon, where we’ll all meet up with Eugene and Jennilee at Kum Koon for dim sum.


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