The one with the early morning.

I frakked up. I woke up too early. Sure, I was supposed to get up an hour earlier than I was supposed to because of the teleconference meeting this morning, but two hours earlier? Damn this hot weather!

On the plus side, I got paid today, so I put two huge chunks of my pay into Visa and MasterCard. I was shocked to see that Visa updated my new balance – I had applied for a credit limit increase to compensate for the summer. I have to remember that tactic. I usually lower the limit to $500 for the rest of the year because people have nothing better to do than stay indoors and use their computers. Hell, I do it all year long, but that’s because I’m a bit of a recluse. I’m also dipping into my overdraft for this summer as well – I really shouldn’t, but because of my oversight, I’ll be doing so until after I recover from the summer. Impromptu trips to Winnipeg can do that to you. Even though I didn’t buy much, it was still easy to spend $400 on a trip like that – food and gas climb up very fast. Well, mostly the gas.

I foogrot forgot to mention that I ordered that first pressing limited edition DVD box of Joshikousei “GIRL’S HIGH” Vol. 1 a few days ago. I found it dwelling on Yesasia, so hopefully, those guys will come through for me. I just got the shipping confirmation e-mail from them, so it’ll arrive soon, I hope.

Well, now that my Visa is back in shape, it’s time to go do some overdue preorders.


UPDATE: Looking at a script called Lightbox JS. I might implement it.

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