The one with the end of Esmond’s return.

Fate/stay night Wallpaper - Verano_Saber by Honchay
Fate/stay night Wallpaper – Verano Saber by Honchay

Well, it was a busy weekend. Esmond came back on Friday night, but I was stuck at James H’s place watching X-Men – The Last Stand. It was a busy Friday, and for some strange reason, I wanted to torture myself by going to watch a movie I already saw (and didn’t really like) in a dead-tired state. Bah. I would’ve much rather watched the premiere of Battlestar Galactica 3.0 (more on that later).

KANON - Ayu, Makoto, Nayuki
KANON – Ayu, Makoto, Nayuki

I downloaded the first episode of KANON, the new remake by Kyoto Animation. Didn’t get a chance to see it, though, since Esmond was in and I had stuff to show him. When I got home from James H’s place, we ordered pizza and hung out, but didn’t really do much else. The next morning, we ate some pizza for brunch and went to Tony’s to check out what books he got in. He got in the LAIN artbook and the latest Dawn TPB, but I just picked up some manga from him – the latest YAMASHICHI, Nodame, Negima, PASTEL, GACHA GACHA, and SUKURAN. Esmond picked up Sojourn, a STREET FIGHTER II Ryu poster, and the latest volume of BLEACH. There went my Visa payment for the month, but I can make that back since it was all made on Friday deliveries alone. However, we hit downtown and visited places, ran into people, and somewhere along the way, my headphones broke. The speaker grille peeled off the earbud. Oops. Anyway, we went to the restaurant, and we helped out since it was busy and the new worker didn’t show up on time. Eugene also showed up in his GT4 that he picked up from the body shop after a year of work and delays (see entry, No luck at all). After the first delivery, I had an idea to call up Pat to see if he had an AGP card with a DVI connector so I could swap the DVI cable with the VGA cable, which I would give to Esmond. Unfortunately, he didn’t have one, but he mentioned that he knew of a source that had spare vidcards. He dropped by the restaurant, and we headed over to pick up some spare vidcards. Score! When I got back, it was only busy for an hour, the worker showed up, and we finished our turkey dinner, so Esmond and I headed home and watched the first two episodes of BSG 3.0, Densha Otoko DX, and Chou Gekijouban KERORO Gunsou. BSG 3.0 was awesome!! What a way to start the third season. I can hardly wait for the Caprica spin-off. I was tired, so I slept early while Esmond watched some KERORO episodes.

Sunday morning sucked. We woke up to an inch of snow on the ground, cars, and streets, and a city-wide power outage. Ouch. We had no power for the majority of the day. I was going to spend all day copying movies and anime for Esmond, but it couldn’t happen. To make matters worse, Colin paged me, saying that a switch at the government wasn’t responding to pings in Ontario. WTF? I went with him to find the offending switch and found out that it was completely dead. When I got home, I ended up having to go to the restaurant to eat leftover turkey and fixings, but since the cars were all buried in snow, we dug out Eugene’s GT4 and went in that. Esmond and Dad went to pick up groceries (because Esmond has a way with getting Dad to buy what he wants ^_^), so I went downtown with Eugene because I needed to pick up some new headphones. I hit TS and bought the Sennheiser PMX 40, which have nice bass response. If you need headphones and want to go with a high-end brand, I always recommend Sennheiser. It’s almost like they were made with the audiophile in mind. When Esmond and I were downtown on Saturday, I wanted to buy a WoW game time card from Wal-Mart, but it was busy and nobody wanted to help us out, so I was standing around the display case looking stupid. I decided to go back to Wal-Mart after getting my headphones, and they had none left! JERKS!!! (Jennie-style)

Eugene and I headed home, where Esmond and I read some manga and I listened to some music on my iPod to get used to the fitting of my new Sennheiser headphones. The PMX 40 is a neck-band, which is my design of choice. I was using a Sony MDR-G52 for the longest time, and they still work, but I use them at home now because they look so worn out and the ear mounting piece is missing on the left side. Anyway, things are boring without electricity and the internet, so I decided to do some constructive work. I swapped in the new video card in Mom’s computer to get it hooked up with the monitor using DVI, and that freed up the VGA cable which would go to Esmond so he can hook up the docking station I bought him to his LCD TV in his dorm room. Then, I decided to build the third bookshelf I had sitting around from last week. Once that was done, things got boring real fast, until Dad called me to do deliveries. However, with all the snow on my car, I didn’t really feel like it. Regardless, I prepared to head out – Eugene couldn’t sub for me because he was swapping the taillights on his GT4. I went to start my car to warm it up and while doing so, I accidentally turned on the wipers, which knocked the damn ball joint out of its socket. My wipers are so lame – they’re held together by a weak ball joint which pops off if the wipers meet resistance, and then the wipers don’t work because they aren’t attached anymore. I basically have to get under the hood to mount the ball joint back on. Unfortunately, Eugene was using all the tools to install his taillights, and while I alternated tools to get my wipers dismounted, I couldn’t get the damn passenger wiper off, and Eugene needed his tools so I couldn’t use them to wedge the wiper off. I ended up helping Eugene to swap the taillights in and test them. Once done, I got the tools, fixed my wipers, and then headed off to the restaurant. There were only two deliveries to do, and there was only one left, but there weren’t many orders left either, so I took off and let Dad handle the rest, since Esmond called to say that the power was back on at the house. The rest of my evening was spent copying movies and anime for Esmond. All the way until 3:00 in the morning.

Today, Monday morning – I woke up early enough to continue the mass copying. Esmond was to leave by noon. I managed to finish on time. However, Esmond’s friend, who was driving him and other friends back down to the city, had gotten majorly smashed the previous night, and was hungover like mad this morning, so he decided to sleep it off a bit longer. Then, there was a delay with packing, saying farewells to family, and ordering pizza for the road. By 17:00, Esmond was pissed off, and we had cleared through packing and watched two movies to boot. Esmond gave up on waiting around and just started on his homework while I helped Dad to run cable for the new garage door opener. It was kind of fun. If I could, I’d take a carpentry class or something and do some renovations work on the side for fun. Yes, more work is considered interesting to me. Well, I liked building those new bookshelves I bought, however simplistic they may be to the average handyman, and I also liked the work I had to do in the garage today. Who knows? It might be a new career path for me in the future.

So, anyway, Esmond’s friend finally showed up at close to 19:00. Son of a bitch. Esmond won’t arrive in Winnipeg until close to 3:00 in the morning. Esmond’s friend is an irresponsible moron. Nice enough guy, but he just reinforces the bad stereotype of native Canadians – NEVER on time for anything. Speaking of which, Russell Peters is a hilarious comedian.

I just finished proofreading Ian’s Angel of the Gate chapter. I forgot how good his works are. He’s submitting the story to a contest, but I forgot the details. Heck, I forgot to proofread it two weeks ago! Oops. I just hope my corrections were received on time.

Been listening to the Original Score for The Fast And The Furious – Tokyo Drift. It’s awesome, on my fourth listen through already! It’s composed by Brian Tyler, who also composed the scores for the Dune and Children of Dune Sci-Fi miniseries. He did some other movies as well, but they escape me at the moment. Anyway, this is a really good soundtrack. It almost sounds like BT’s music, especially the techno and mood moments.

Kishin Houkou DEMONBANE Wallpaper - Metallic Angel Bound By Demonic Bindings by Zuri-chan
Kishin Houkou DEMONBANE Wallpaper – Metallic Angel Bound By Demonic Bindings by Zuri-chan

I totally loved this wallpaper so much that I set it as my wallpaper on Mitake. ARU AJIFU is hawt, and I love the ecchi panty shot. Yay for fan service!

Nishimata Aoi Wallpaper - Blacku Xsu Pinku by Zuri-chan
Nishimata Aoi Wallpaper – Blacku Xsu Pinku by Zuri-chan

I would’ve used this as a wallpaper except that it’s a bit too pink for my tastes. The ecchi is very nice, though, so it’ll stay in my collection for a little while. For those not in the know, Nishimata-sensei designed the characters for the SHUFFLE! and Final approach anime series.

I am SO tired. Time to sleep.


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