The one with the Exploding Brain Hemorrhage.

If any of you have read my WACKY No Jinsei series, you’d get the Exploding Brain Hemorrhage joke. All kidding aside, though, I just chose a random inside joke title for no reason at all. Well, maybe I just couldn’t think of a title.

Some new figures were announced for preorder last night on Neowing – AIR figures!! Misuzu, Minagi, and Yoshino! I preordered them before going to bed – and what do you know? – Visa approved them all. Peculiar, that credit card company.

I also have my eye on another figure, but I don’t want to press my luck with my finances. Maybe when I get more money (but knowing my luck,  it won’t be available by then). I did finally give in to that evil spending habit of mine, and ordered a Nintendo DS mini.

Worked an extra 5 hours tonight. By choice, though, since I need to make up some hours that I’ll miss on Friday next week, when I travel down to Winnipeg for the long weekend. I can hardly wait.


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