The one with the final Haruhi.

Well, Suzumiya HARUHI No Yuu Utsu is over now. I finally caught the last episode, and I thought it was quite over the top, as usual. However, I think it would be fun to go through the series again, but with the episodes “in order”.

I never did talk about the DVD of Asahina Mikuru No Bouken that I received. Besides including the whimsical video that SOS Dan “filmed” for the cultural festival, it included the making of featurette of the TV spots released to promote Haruhi, as well as the TV spots themselves. As a bonus for purchasing the limited special edition, the packaging was nicer, and it came with a clear slipcase to conveniently hold the obi. Mikuru-chan in kaeru cosplay didn’t hurt either. If that wasn’t enough, the damn thing also came with the soundtrack for this episode, as well as a radio drama. Very nice! I wonder what other secret goodies await us in the following DVD volumes to come?

So far, Kyoto Animation has been impressing me with their titles. I can’t wait to see how the revamped KANON anime will be like.

As for other titles I’ve immensely enjoyed, I’d have to say that Joshikousei “GIRL’S HIGH” and .hack//Roots have been keeping me most entertained that I’ve kept up to date with them. Joshikousei is one of those series that everybody will compare to either Azumanga Daiou, SCHOOL RUMBLE, or both. In my opinion, I do see the similarities, but this is more of an unabashed, no-holds-barred look into the lives of six very unique girls. The things they say and do will shock guys into thinking, ‘How much of this is actually true??? Girls actually do THAT?!?!’ The sad thing about this realization is, even through all the ridiculous things they do, these girls are still entertaining and you only wish the girls you knew were this fun. My favorite character has to be Yuma-chan. She seems to be the only one who brings sanity to this group, but she has her mindless moments. It doesn’t hurt that I think she has a cute character design – the twin pigtails and Shibuya-kei style sweater over top of her seifuku. The music for this anime is also fun and enjoyable. I’ll definitely be picking up the soundtrack when it’s available for preorder. As for the DVDs, I missed the preorder for the first limited edition DVD, and the first pressing has already sold out at Neowing. That sucks. Another enemy of a collector other than out-of-printing is the first pressing. These first pressings are extremely limited to only a handful of copies, and usually include extra features not available to the other copies. The only real way to get a popular first pressing is to be one of the first to preorder it. Most of the time, these first pressings are just postcards and stickers, but once in a while, there will be some nice extras, like the inclusion of a bonus slipcase or even an entire disc of special content. You basically need to have spare money put aside for preorders every month. No thanks to my hindsight, I’ve had next to no side computer work this summer, so as a result, I have no spare money because of it. Suffice it to say, I have no choice but to take from my own paycheck until the weather takes a turn for the worse. Frak me.

I had a chance to listen to the two anime OSTs I received – .hack//Roots and Fate/stay night. Both are very excellent soundtracks, although I hated the wrapping for Roots. I had no choice but to tear off the wrapping because there was no easier way to keep it on. I might have to invest in a pack of those resealable plastic slips from Hong Kong.

My life is boring. Nothing much going on other than work and sleep. Oh, and how much money I’m going to be sinking into my car, but that’s for another post. So, I may as well rant about Japanese stuff instead of letting this poor blog go to waste.


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