The one with the first Amazon Japan order.

Leaving for Winnipeg tomorrow afternoon. Have to drop my pager off to Colin so that he can watch my queue for the afternoon. At least I get Monday off to (sort of) relax. Still have to pack amidst all the crap that’s going on tonight (including the work-related switch replacement at 20:00).

I placed my very first order with Amazon Japan last Saturday. It was something that I had never done before because I was always under the assumption that they wouldn’t ship outside of Japan. Boy, was I wrong. I saw Handa Sasa’s first shashinshuu, ORDER Meido, on J-List at the time, I was wondering to myself if I could find it somewhere else cheaper. I didn’t even think of Amazon Japan at first, but I sure am glad that I did. I tried creating an account during the checkout process, and – lo and behold – they had international shipping. I got the order in today. That sure was quick. Oh, and Sasa-chan is hawt.

The first season of Joey is coming out of DVD at the end of next month. I’ll be getting that one.

Went to CT to buy some windshield wipers this afternoon. Well, one wiper, since I already bought the passenger’s side wiper a while ago, but they didn’t have the matching driver’s side wiper in stock at the time. Anyway, while I was there, I got some pricing on some parts I’ll need for the big summer project I have planned for my car. Shocks, struts, springs. Clutch kit, pilot bearing. Headers, catback exhaust. I also found out that on the driver’s side, the flap above the wheel was pinned inside out so that it exposed the edge of the flaps. I noticed something looked out of place all this time since I got it back from the body shop, but it was shocking when I realized it at last. I kept thinking to myself, how stupid am I? I’m a technician, for frakk’s sakes, I’m paid to notice little things – and this is huge!

I really should pack instead of blogging – I always leave it to the last minute (as in five minutes before departure).


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