The one with the first of three Winnipeg weekends.

There are going to be three trips that I’ll be taking to Winnipeg this month. The first is happening this weekend where Megan and I (with Eugene along for just the road trips so he can go to Montreal and back) will be going down to chill, catch some movies, and attend the Nickelback concert. I’m really excited to go, but not because of Nickelback – it’s because Megan has never been to a concert before, and this will be her first. I’m excited to see what her first reaction will be to it. Unfortunately, I’ve been a little low on cash recently, and even though I just got paid, I had to get rid of a few outstanding bills, so I’m not going to have as much money as I thought while in the city. In addition, I haven’t been able to find somebody who would take Megan and I in (along with Eugene just for Friday night), so we might have to stay at a hotel. I was going to pick up that car head unit I wanted while in the city, but I’ll probably have to hold off on that. I also want some leftover money when we get back, just in case the freaking cell phone bill comes in before I get paid again. So… yeah, the summer sucks because I take trips so often with not enough time to recuperate from my losses.

So, in other news, I finally finished Dreamfall – The Longest Journey. It was quite the graphically enhanced game movie, with such an immersive storyline and interesting characters (Crow FTW!). However, there was just one little problem… the story isn’t finished yet!! According to creator, Ragnar Tørnquist, Dreamfall is the first in a two-part story, which will be continued in Dreamfall Chapters, the just-announced online-distributed sequel. As for when it will be released, we’ll be lucky if it’s another seven years.

I also recently started watching the classic TV series, Roswell, on DVD. I actually didn’t have the chance to watch it all these years, and I think I kinda recall watching part of an episode while channel surfing. Well, while I was “catsitting” for David and Marina, I noticed that they had the first two seasons of Roswell on DVD. So, I borrowed the first one and watched it – although it started out a bit campy, it evolved into quite an awesome show. I will most definitely be collecting all three seasons, if I can find them for cheap – I missed my chance last month when Wal-Mart had the first two seasons in the bargain bin for $15 each. Son of a gun!

So, I’m selling (I’ve sold?) my Toshiba 42″ HDTV (I know I mentioned this in the previous post, but I decided to clarify further). Megan’s new boyfriend, Kris, wants to buy it for her, so I at least have a potential buyer, and if not, I can always find another buyer. The reason why I’m selling it is because I use Ayukawa on it a lot, and it’s so inconvenient to do so because S-Video output for a PC on most types of televisions have a lack of sharpness, especially when it comes to text. On the other hand, the Acer 32″ LCD TV I have in my room is the best, because it has HDTV support and displays DVI/VGA like a standard monitor. Sitting close to the Acer all this time may not be good for my eyes in the long run, so I decided that if I sold my Toshiba, I could move the Acer into its place and use it as both a TV and a monitor at the same time without sacrificing picture quality. So, who cares if the screen is a bit smaller? No big deal. The picture is still sharp and that’s really all I care about. With the money I make from selling the Toshiba, I can buy an open-air TV stand for my Acer and a smaller monitor for Mitake in my room. I can put my next-gen consoles in the TV stand where the heat won’t get trapped in a stuffy cabinet. But that’s not all. I’ve decided to swap PCs as well – Mitake and Ayukawa are going to switch places. I just upgraded Ayukawa with a new sysbd and more RAM as I said before, and I installed Vista Ultimate and Office 2007. Ayukawa is going to become my new surfing and writing PC. Mitake has become my torrent downloading, gaming, and media center PC. It’s so much more luxurious to sit on a comfortable couch and play games or watch movies/shows, instead of my uncomfortable futon and heat trapping bedroom. I can hardly wait.

Hmm… what else have I missed? I finally caught up with some of my old unread manga since it’s been too hot and humid to do anything on the computer. Now I’m anticipating the next volumes of Hagane No Renkin Jutsushi and Hikaru No Go! Curses!


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