The one with the four-day break.

Red Ross
“We were on a break!!!”

I haven’t updated much recently, but it’s been mostly because of work-induced stress. Let’s keep it short and simple and say that I was ready to put my two weeks notice in last week. Yes, it was THAT bad. I’m looking for a new job right now, one that won’t have me fixing or even working with computers. The only thing available would be physical labor. Bring it on.

Just a sidenote – believe it or not, I’m posting this entry from IE7. I almost never use IE, mostly because I’m primarily a Firefox user, but every once in a while, I’ll run into some sites that just won’t display or work correctly in FF, such as Microsoft’s Knowledgebase site and Ticketmaster’s site. However, ever since the transition to IE7, I’ve found that the browser is a bit more bearable – not quite perfect yet, but definitely a step forward. Anyway, I wanted to attempt posting in IE7 this time around, for no apparent reason other than boredom. Lo and behold, the TinyMCE interface, which has been plaguing me with XHTML issues to no end in FF, works flawlessly in IE7. Son of a bitch.

This doesn’t make me hate FF, really. I just hate these so-called coders who think their code is rock-solid, and yet they forget the most important detail – cross-platform coding. Just because it works in IE doesn’t mean it will work for FF, or Opera, or any other Mozilla-based browser, for that matter. So, if you think your website is hot shit, make sure it works in other browsers, or I (and a million other coders out there) will make you put your money where your mouth is. Or maybe I just might write you an angry letter. That’s right, you heard me!

So, where do I begin? Esmond finished his last exam on Monday, so Dad went down to Winnipeg on Monday night by bus, met up with Esmond the next morning, and came back up on the bus that same day. I picked them up at the bus depot the next morning. Jennilee arrived at the airport on Saturday afternoon (I had to pick her up). I was invited over for dinner at Dennis’ place that same night. While it was obviously a plot to involve me in the holiday (he might have this sick, twisted idea that inviting agnostics or atheists over during the holidays might convert them to his beliefs), I went along with it anyway, bringing over my Wii at his request and having quite a blast. Company was good, food was good (try figuring out why THAT phrase is pronounced like so), and games were aplenty. Robyn’s sister, Holly, is pretty cool and an avid (FINAL FANTASY) gamer. A little bit on the conceited side, but otherwise fun to chat with too. The funny part of the evening was the part where we started playing texas-hold-em poker and in my haste to leave, I tried to lose all my chips on purpose and ended up taking everybody else’s instead. Seriously, I have some nutty beginner’s luck.

The next day, we had some weird gift opening thing. It wasn’t quite Christmas and it wasn’t quite not. Eugene bought gifts for everybody. AM bought or made gifts for everybody. Nobody else bought gifts. The only person who received a gift from everybody in some way, shape, or form was Esmond. I ordered him a new HP computer to replace his old one, but I didn’t consider it a holiday gift by any means. Speaking of which, I ordered the PC last Sunday and it arrived on Friday, where I had it set up and ready for Esmond to play WoW on Saturday. Esmond is so spoiled and loved in the family. Even when one of us complains about it, we still go out of our way to get him what he wants or needs at the same time. Hahaha.

Anyway, I went back to Dennis’ on Sunday to visit and give him a copy of Rainbow Six: Vegas. I ended up playing a few rounds of bowling on the Wii with Holly. If she still lived in town, I could totally see myself hanging out with her. Of course, part of that would be to spite Dennis, because he doesn’t like her that much. XD

That same day, I started watching Heroes. Has anybody else seen this amazing TV show? It provides so much shock value, both visually and mentally, and seems almost like what would happen if Joss Whedon lost his quirky sense of humor, but still delivered an amazing story. Oh, and turned up the gore content. Normally, I don’t like gore, but no thanks to Esmond and his love of CSI, I’ve been somewhat desensitized. Still, you won’t see me watching movies like Saw or Hostel anytime soon. Or Silent Hill – again. Anyway, even the parents joined in and started watching Heroes with us partway in until almost 3:00 that night!! Simply amazing.

Huh. I just realized, I haven’t talked about Japanese content in this entry yet. Weird. No, wait – Nakamura Hiro in Heroes. Done.

NSFW link ahead.

BLEACH - Inoue Orihime and Kuchiki Rukia TONY Taka - T2 ART WORKS

If you’re immersed in the world of ecchi, ero, or hentai, then you’ve probably heard the name, TONY Taka, by now. Either that, or you have at least one of his doujinshi (published or downloaded). I’m especially fond of the two pieces above. There’s a lot to be said about an artist who pays just as much attention to background/prop details as he does to the ero itself.

It figures. The only other Japanese content in this entry is the ero.


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