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KERORO Gunsou - Wing Gero

I had some free time this morning at work, so I went back and revised some of my recent entries with links and pictures to spice them up a bit. Well, not really free time, but a lot of my work was done over the phone, so it was an opportunity to do some phone support, which left my eyes and hands free to do some web surfing.

I love watching TV dramas, mostly Japanese, but occasionally Korean. However, the absolute worst dramas in the oriental Asian community would have to be Hong Kong dramas. So, I decided to compile a list of why HK dramas are the worst.

  • They can’t compose their own background music, so they shamefully use songs from other sources. I think I even heard one of the BGMs from Ranma.
  • They like to kill off characters.
  • They didn’t kill off the characters you wanted.
  • The endings usually suck, especially when it comes to romance. They either get together but deliver an unconvincing romantic performance, or they don’t get together (yes, you read that correctly – do NOT get together).
  • The endings also take place several years after the main or sub plot is resolved.
  • There is no romantic chemistry between the male and female characters. None! No kissing, no body language, nothing.
  • The English title of the drama is usually not even closely translated from the Chinese title.
  • That Cantonese-speaking British dude.
  • Flora Chan. Enough said.
  • Bad flying martial arts. The wire work is almost non-existent in these dramas that they have to simulate flying – they show somebody jump, immediately cut to a low-angle shot, have someone do a flip over the camera, and cut back to show their opponent get hit in the chest with a fist or foot from off camera. I swear, they use this technique every single time.
  • Too many episodes are made for some of the most drawn out dramas in history. And then they make an equally long sequel. Four more times.
  • The theme song shows scenes from every plot point throughout the drama, thus spoiling the story for you.
  • I actually had to make this list.

I could have mentioned the poor production quality, but nobody ever really looks for that.

I just got a call from Stan. Looks like they can’t consider James H for the job because he’s been out of the field for too long and he has no certifications to back up his knowledge. WTF! I came in with no certifications and a RadioShack background. What are they doing raising the bar all of a sudden? It’s not like they’ll be able to find anybody else in Thompson. Well, if I have anything to say about it, I’m gonna help get James some certification and prove them wrong, if he’s up to it.

Lindsay Lohan - I heart breasteses.

Even with one breast half-exposed, Lindsay Lohan can make it all better. I don’t know what was wrong, but it’s all better now! Byaaah!


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