The one with the inertial iPod.

It just seems that the current trend for the iPod is to take it on the go or patch it into the car stereo. Unfortunately, all I have in my head unit is RCA, which is just total crap as far as audio quality and control convenience is concerned. I had been thinking about updating my head unit, and after an afternoon of research (at work – it’s dead during the summer), I found something that might be right up my alley.

I originally wanted a unit with an SD card slot, but not a lot of manufacturers make it, and I wanted to stick with Pioneer, since they’ve done me well so far. Lo and behold, I found the DEH-P6900UB (or Premier DEH-P690UB). It seems to have all the mainstream features that I like, which includes head unit control of the iPod. Also, if I want, I could even plug in a generic USB flash drive/MP3 player and it will play music off that. Supports MP3, WMA, and AAC. OEL display. Bluetooth. Remote control. Very nice!

Piioneer Premier DEH-P690UB

I found it on eBay for a little over $200 shipped (with a possible $50 extra for custom charges), which is cheaper than standard retail ($300). However, I might just get it retail, for the warranty.

So, yeah, been a while since I posted. It’s not really my fault (yes, it is), but I was busy (lazy). When I got back from the Transformers movie weekend in Winnipeg, the weather’s been too hot to sit at a computer in my sauna-disguised-as-a-house. Plus, I’ve been busy taking care of Dave and Marina’s cat, playing Dreamfall, watching Roswell, and surfing on Facebook at work. Even now, it’s the end of the day at work, which goes to show how much time I actually have – and I’m out of it now.

One quick little detail – I’m selling my Toshiba 42″ HDTV. Why? Because I’m moving my Acer 32″ LCD down to the family room, and swapping Mitake and Ayukawa’s places. I just replaced the bad sysbd on Ayukawa, upgraded the RAM to 2.5 GB, and installed Vista Ultimate. It’s going to be my surfing/writing PC. Mitake has become more of a torrents/media center, so I’m changing its scope. Hopefully, with the money I make off my HDTV, I can afford a 19″ LCD for Ayukawa and a TV stand for the Acer 32″ LCD.


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