The one with the ironic system crash.

Well, those massive hard drives I bought for backup came in handy, and not a moment too soon. I did a backup over the weekend, and as it turns out, I woke up this morning and turned on the monitor to see a great big STOP error on display. So, I rebooted, taking no heed of it, as a STOP error is pretty much normal for my PC every once in a while. However, this time around, XP didn’t boot and I got the good ol’ UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME STOP error. Okay, no biggie – I tossed in my XP CD, booted to repair mode, and started a chkdsk… no go. It wouldn’t even recognize the partition. Wow. I’ve run into these issues before, but this is one of the few times I haven’t been able to fix it.

How convenient that this should happen, especially right before my new PC gets here.

I tracked my PC on Canada Post’s site – still no update – apparently, it’s still in Mississauga, at the sortation plant. Riiiiiight. CPC is so frakking lazy when it comes to updating their tracking sites. If Purolator can do it, then… CPC will rest easy. That company is so full of old ladies with nothing else better to do, and that’s why they’re only open one day of the month, if you total all the hours they stay open in a given month. Sorry, just ranting – it just seems as though they’re never open when I really need something shipped. Anyway, the site did give me an ETA on the arrival – next week Monday. So, I’d have to go through the whole weekend not downloading anything, plus trying to recoup my losses afterwards. Unacceptable.

With that in mind, I threw caution to the wind, formatted the bad partition, and installed WinXP MCE over top of it. I spent an extra hour after lunch completing the reinstall and setting up my basic apps. At the end of the day, I spent my evening installing more apps and setting my web server back up. I was tempted to install The Longest Journey so I could finish it already, but I knew better – they wouldn’t call it The Longest Journey without a good reason.

So, I was able to start any torrents that may have been running before the crash, and I also redownloaded all the torrents I lost since the weekend backup. Not a huge issue, just a little bit extra to download before the next weekend starts.

A little update on my car – I’m waiting on a proprietary bolt from Nissan to secure the lower control arm, and it got delayed in shipping from Toronto, so it was stuck in Montreal. From what CT is telling me, they won’t get the bolt in until Saturday. The question is, will they even deliver on Saturday? I sure hope so. I made my Wabowden appointment for Monday, and I can’t afford to delay it any further, because Stan might come down on me for it (he still doesn’t know I’ve been without a vehicle for two weeks). Wow. Two weeks. Un-frakking-believable.


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