The one with the job dissatisfaction.

Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na – SD FEENA FAM EARTHLIGHT

Ever since I went back to work after my week-long vacation, I’ve been moody, disgruntled, and feeling a bit postal. I think that ever since I’ve seen how easy of a workload the guys down in Winnipeg are having (not including Steve, that guy has a workload as big as mine – but without the traveling, of course), I’ve felt a bit put-out. I’m really hating my job now – like, truly madly deeply. If I could sum up how I feel about my job, it would have to be in the words of Peter from Office Space: “Could you, like, zonk me out and make me think that I’ve been out fishing all day?”

Don’t get me wrong. I have no gripes about the work itself. Heck, I even get along with most of the clients I deal with. It’s just that my company is expecting me to do the job of three people, just because they pay me an extra $4 an hour than the guys in Winnipeg.

I would quit yesterday if I had another job lined up, but I can’t. Even if I go on unemployment, I wouldn’t have enough money to pay my monthly loans. But, all is not entirely lost. I’ve applied at INCO. I know that I’ve always said that I would never, in a million years, work for INCO. Well, with all the time I’ve spent dealing with an extra workload, I’ve reached a million and one. If I were to get a job at INCO, I’d be making more money. More money equals paying off my loan sooner than planned. More money equals getting that 350Z I wanted. More money equals better financial security when I finally decide to move out of here. Mind you, working at INCO means that I would lose a year’s worth of experience in the IT industry. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be involved in that industry for the remainder of my life, but you never know. I’ve never had a manual labor job. I might end up liking it. So, while I’m still under the age of 30 (which is just not young anymore, I don’t care how you pepper it), I might as well take some [calculated] risks and live on the [ground level] edge for once in my [otaku] life.

I know that I haven’t been posting recently, and I apologize to my readers. All one of them (me). I really needed a place to vent, and I’ve been venting all over the place to almost everybody, and I also have to apologize to those people. Both family and friends are almost ready to kill me, I think.

Well, what good news? Hmm. I’ve gotten hooked on the sensation that is Sudoku. All because I started playing a downloadable demo for the PS3. Yes, I had a chance to play some more PS3 at Fallout747’s place, and the games are actually not as bad as I thought they were. Genji: Days of the Blade is a historically inspired hack-and-slash reminiscent of Onimusha, but with a higher difficulty level and no demonic abilities. Ridge Racer 7 is fun – the drifting system is more bang-on, as it utilizes counter steering, but is somewhat unrealistic since when you hit other cars or walls, you get a reaction not dissimilar to bumper cars. In the end, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom turned out to be the best game released. That is, until I downloaded Sudoku and went crazy on that! Sudoku is so fun, and the PS3 take on it is the cheapest alternative with some overblown graphics and interesting music. Since I can’t carry a PS3 around with me (and a matching PSP port hasn’t been made yet), I ended up picking up Brain Age for my Nintendo DS. There’s no music playing during the Sudoku gameplay, and there are very limited puzzles, but it satiates my thirst for the game… for now.

Speaking of games, I still haven’t had a chance to actually play WoW ever since I added a game card to my account in Winnipeg. I’m cursed to never play that game again.

Well, for those who come to my site expecting to leech stuff, I guess I’ll post Nakashima Mika’s latest single to be featured in the upcoming NANA 2 movie. I loved the first movie, and I can’t wait for the second one to arrive on DVD.

Download “NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA – Hitoirohere.

NSFW link ahead.

Hoshizaki Rei - EROLOLI Sengen!
Hoshizaki Rei – EROLOLI Sengen!

The hentai in me wants to add to cart, but the realist in me wants me to pay off my bills first! Gosh, decisions, decisions…


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  1. He he he. . I’m way excited for the second NANA movie too. I’m a huge NANA fan. I like Hitoiro and all but it just seems more like a Mika song . . and I think it should feel more like a song Nana would sing. . . well whatev.

    I understand the pissing everyone off by complaining and dumping on people. I’ve done my fair share of that. Between work and waiting for my interview (which I haven’t even been granted yet!) for JET. . I think I’m pissing the world off.

  2. I thought the same thing of Hitoiro too! It seemed to have lost that edge that was prevalent in GLAMOROUS SKY, which is one of my many favorites. Mind you, Yazawa-sensei wrote the lyrics for both, so I think we’re just griping about the music itself here…

    Thanks for understanding! I’m glad I haven’t dumped anything on you so far (but then again, there’s really no opportunity to do so)!

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