The one with the lack of Altima.

Ichigo Mashimaro - Hanami
Ichigo Mashimaro – Hanami

My Altima went back into the body shop yet AGAIN. This time, I’m not spending more than my deductible. Sheesh.

I’ve been driving Eugene’s cars during the interim. Autobot, his Toyota GT, is quite possibly the worst car I’ve ever driven. The clutch needs a readjustment (like my Altima when I first got it), the handbrake doesn’t work, the right turn signal intermittently works, the dash lights also intermittently work, and the gas pedal sticks (ie. you have to give a bit more force at first or else it won’t depress – after that, it becomes the most sensitive pedal in the world). When Eugene left for Montreal, he took Autobot with him and I had to drive his Toyota GT4 for the weekend up until tonight (and possibly tomorrow). What an amazing piece of machinery. It drives so smoothly, the shifter moves so fluidly that it’s like cutting through water, and the seat is oh-so-comfortable with many adjustment levels. The only thing wrong with the poor vehicle is the cracked windshield, the non-working alarm and keyless entry, and the door handle that broke (again – right after Eugene and his friend, Joe, fixed it before the weekend). Despite all that, driving this dream machine got me thinking that I’d like a nice sports car like that, and I’ve always wanted a Nissan 350Z. I had plans to buy one later on down the road, and that road may be coming up soon. I only have a year and a bit to pay off my final loan, but after that, I’ll be free and clear again. That will give me enough financial power to take out a loan for another $20K. Paying that off will take another year and a bit. As much as I wanted to leave town, I think I’m going to end up staying for a bit longer so I can get the 350Z, and upgrade it a bit afterwards. I also want to enjoy at least a year of no debt, so that I can finally pick up all the items in my Neowing Wish List, finish off all the manga I need, and save up a little cash to get out of this town.

Nissan 350Z

No, I won’t be buying a brand new 350Z – it’ll be either 1-3 years old, depending on the best deal I can find.

So, what else have I been up to this past week? Not much. Busy at work, both Nexi and WP. I’ve also been fixing a few home PCs on the side, making some cash so I could pay down a bit more of my Visa and make some necessary preorders. Actually, I skipped the preorder for YUI’s I remember you limited edition single, and now it’s OOP, even before the release date. Bugger off. Also, I wanted to get that Ayanami Rei goth-loli figure to go with my Asuka goth-loli figure, but it went OOP. Both Asahina Mikuru figures also went OOP. Preordering may be the evil, but I missed out on a lot of good stuff because I stopped doing it. What a crock.

I ordered and received the HDXtreme I was talking about in the previous post. I also went and bought a brand new satin silver PStwo SCPH-77001 from Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, since the slims don’t have IDE support for HDDs, I had to use an external USB HDD enclosure. However, the USBeXtreme portion of the disc didn’t work – all of the games I installed on the HDD showed up but wouldn’t load past a black screen (except Disgaea, it showed the loading screen but didn’t load at all). After doing some deep searching, I found out that USBeXtreme isn’t working for ANYBODY, and the company isn’t taking responsibility for it or even offering support. Frakker alert! To test that theory, I brought my HDXtreme and USB HDD to Erin and James’ place to test it out on their older PS2, and it still didn’t work. I have yet to test the HDAdvance portion, but I don’t have an old PS2 anymore, except for my NTSC J version, which doesn’t read NTSC U/C discs. So, I’ll probably test it out on Pat’s tomorrow, hopefully, if I don’t end up working all night. Either that, or I’ll just lend him my network adapter and HDXtreme. As Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park, “I hate this hacker crap!”

So, I finally got a chance to play Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Holy crap, they cheapened out on this just like they cheapened out on Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, and its variants. Remember those games? All the characters and stages ever made in one game, but limited to one BGM and one fatality for each character. Mind you, MK:A had a cool cinematic and a nice story in the Konquest mode, but the problem laid further within. You can create your own characters, but it’s useless to me because I don’t want to subscribe to XBox Live just to get pounded on by prepubescent boys who have no lives because they’re too busy playing this game to perfection (hence my on-and-off distaste for WoW). They had to limit all the characters to one fighting style and one weapon style each. Konquest mode gameplay feels like Shaolin Monks without the depth and coolness. Total crap. WTF is up with Motaro? He used to be HUGE! My final verdict is this – rent the game or buy it used if you really need this in your collection. Don’t ever make the mistake of buying this game brand new. I feel sorry for the other suckers who bought or preordered the special edition. As for me, I’m going to sell mine to CD Plus or something. I don’t want this atrocity in my collection. Those Midway bastards had the perfect year with both Deception and Shaolin Monks. This game just annulled the existence of those games. Midway went from cool to suck in one fell swoop. I’d have more respect for Midway if they had an Elron-like scandal. At least I now know why the company is called Midway – they only make a “midway” effort in making their most highly anticipated games.

Ichigo Mashimaro - Kimono
Ichigo Mashimaro – Kimono

No pictures right now, but that’s because it’s late and I’m tired and hungry. Update tomorrow. (EDIT: Added pictures. ^_^)

NSFW images ahead.

Hagaren Wallpaper - RIZA HAWKEYE (naked blue by visi0n)
Hagaren Wallpaper – RIZA HAWKEYE (naked blue by visi0n)

I love this image of RIZA. She’s so hot, but she never shows off her womanly charms, except in this picture! The wallpaper is so-so, not the most original concept, but the scan that was used is amazing.

Kadena Reon
Kadena Reon

Time for a change of pace! I love JGirls. Reon-chan is one of my top favs. She only ever did one nude photoshoot (damn you, Shinoyama-sensei), but the majority of her works are chaku-ero and bikini shots. The tease always makes the finale more fun.

Aida Yua
Aida Yua

Last one of the day. Enjoy the hotness of Aida Yua. She was semi-recently snatched up by S1 (me again with late news), a company that does phenomenal work (on pr0n). Aoi Sora and Asami Yuma are both signed up with S1, and their DVDs are so high quality now. Nothing is better than high-quality pr0n. Well… unless the actual girls showed up on my doorstep. XD


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