The one with the lack of cash and addiction withdrawal.

Due to my new two-year budget plan, I’m having both a lack of cash withdrawal and a lack of addiction withdrawal. Get the pun? Hmm. Well, anyway, I say a lack of addiction withdrawal because I haven’t really been feeling the need to spend money. Other than the necessities, I’ve been pretty good so far. I did buy Jeanne D’Arc for PSP and Doctor Strange on Blu-Ray, but it was with the money that Mom gave me for spending in Winnipeg, and she specifically said, “Spend it!”

So, what’s new with me? Not much. Last week, before I went down to Winnipeg to drop Esmond off at University over the past weekend, I had a chance to take some screenshots of Tabula Rasa while I was beta testing. Check them out below, along with a cool wallpaper.

Tabula Rasa Screenshot Tabula Rasa Screenshot Tabula Rasa Screenshot Tabula Rasa Screenshot Tabula Rasa Screenshot Tabula Rasa Screenshot Tabula Rasa Screenshot Tabula Rasa Screenshot

Tabula Rasa Wallpaper

I like this game enough that I would consider buying it, but the monthly fee kind of irks me. I think I’ll probably end up playing the beta to death until I’ve satisfied my craving for it. If I still feel like playing it, then I’ll save up enough side income to buy it and pay for the monthly subscriptions in advance. However, I highly doubt it.

There are a couple other goodies I want to purchase, so I came up with a neat way to curb that craving. I created a new folder in my bookmarks called Temporary Wish List, and I started bookmarking product pages of the things I thought about buying. After a few days of mulling, I found it a lot easier to give up these products. For example, I found a Fate/tiger colosseum Saber Lion tote bag on Hobby Search that I would love to use as a book bag because of the cute image of Saber Lion, so I bookmarked its page and mulled over it. I reasoned to myself that I could probably find that picture of Saber Lion, so I’ve nipped that one in the bud. Not only that, but it’s only worth $15, so yay for me for resisting such a low priced item!

Jennilee is staying with us for three weeks before Eugene and her go to Mexico for vacation. I don’t really have much to say about that.

Atreyu released their new album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor, last week. I downloaded it and gave it a listen. Read my review on Amazon (you may have to scroll down for it). My final verdict – I loved it, rock fans will love it, open-minded Atreyu fans will love it, but purists will hate it.

Crazy crap happened at work. I’m now the sole GOS guy in town. Wil got the job at GCI and I’m all alone at work again. If I get a raise, it would be nice and I wouldn’t feel so out of sorts. As it were, work is busier now because all the responsibility now falls on my shoulders. My frakking shoulders are tired, man.


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