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Amakase Minatsu - Poster

I finally found a good magazine scan (EDIT: eroge CG) of Minatsu from D.C.II. I should get off my butt and scan in my Dengeki G’s.

One of my fellow Nexi techs that works at INCO, Pete, announced his two weeks notice last week. He got himself a job at the BRHA in another field. A hard worker, WoW rogue fiend, and cool guy all around, he’ll be surely missed at the Nexi trailer. For being a great team player, Pete, I salute you!

So, there was talk of getting me into INCO to replace Pete, but I steadfastly refuse. I don’t like the environment and the people at INCO (save for a small handful here and there), and even though the government drives me crazy and I have to drive all over the north from time to time, I’m quite comfortable with the job and I know all the ins and outs too well for somebody else to just come in and take it over (and potentially screw it up). So, I got myself a neat idea – James H has been wanting to get out of doing cleaning and making damn near minimum wage, so I suggested that he apply for the job. Since he has a tech background from high school and knows INCO more than I do, I think he would do okay at the job. It might be a way for him to break back into the industry again and find himself an actual career that doesn’t involve cleaning filthy washrooms and waxing floors on a stiff graveyard shift. The guy isn’t a complete moron (I say this with a grin) – he even surprised me when he bought a PC part by part and put it all together using only his knowledge of old Pentium II systems. He just needs to work on his tact, his overbearing personality, and his sudden urge to have a WoW-centric conversation with people. His sense of fashion is only impeded by the lack of clothes in his size, and he needs to work on his tact. An all-around okay guy, at least he’s honest and upfront about things, but he only needs to work on his tact. I know I mentioned his lack of tact thrice, but that’s just how bad he is. It’s hard to just come right out and say it to his face, so I hope he reads this and gets the point. ^_^

Also, he needs to change his opinion of women as heartbreakers a bit, but that’s a personal issue, and my opinion – which doesn’t count in this vast world built on opinions.

One my most favorite manga, Nodame CANTABILE, was announced last month to be made into a dorama by Fuji TV and an anime by JC Staff. I can’t believe I didn’t find out that piece of information on time. If I were an anime/manga/gaming news blog, I’d be rated as the last to know. Hehehe. And in other old anime news, Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na -Crescent Love- will be airing on 2006.10.04. I envy those with Japanese TV.

Feena Fam EARTHLIGHT from Yoakena

I also have a confession to make – I love Paris Hilton’s first album. Mind you, she can’t sing worth a penny, but the song writing is catchy and melodic. I actually wouldn’t really give a crap about her if it wasn’t for the fact that The Simple Life makes me laugh.

In WoW news – I made it to level 9 at work today – and I can’t believe I haven’t died yet. I’ve been going kamikaze into the quests without much thinking, soloing the whole way, and I’ve come out almost dead or unscathed when I should have been dead ten times over already. This goes to show – the night elf quests are just too damn hard. Darn you night elves for being pretty and difficult.

And James needs to work on his tact.


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