The one with the movie weekend at James H’s.

I didn’t mention this, but I spent another movie weekend at James H’s. This time around we watched Basic Instinct 2, Ultraviolet, and Waiting…, in that order. Despite all the bad reviews, I actually loved BI2, because I’m a fan of Sharon Stone, and any movie that has Sharon Stone + sexy – clothes = Sexy Party! However, there didn’t seem to be as much naked Sharon in this movie as in the first one, so that sort of disappointed me. Also, what happened to Michael Douglas’ character? Did he die or what? They were very vague on that point. Anyway, BI2 would have been perfect if they added more nudity and sex. Sharon has crossed over into the MILF stage, and this movie was the perfect chance to exploit that… only they didn’t. The movie was obviously directed by a guy. Many men don’t seem to realize that although younger women look good, older women are more experienced, wiser, and confident in their sexuality. If I ever get a girlfriend or get married, I’d be waiting for her to get older, that’s for sure.

Esquire - Sharon Stone

I got Lightbox installed. A real snap to install, especially if you use WordPress. Try it out – click on the hot pic of Sharon Stone above (but make sure you have JavaScript enabled, if you have NoScript for Firefox).

I already watched Ultraviolet before, but James H wasn’t seeing it the way I did. Everybody’s a critic.

Waiting… was the big surprise. That movie was hilarious, and does for restaurants what The 40 Year Old Virgin did for electronic stores! I definitely recommend this one.

A movie I’m looking forward to is A Scanner Darkly. It’s in the theatres now, but I probably won’t be able to catch it since I won’t be able to make it to the city until the end of next month.

My guilty desire to watch She’s The Man is a strong one, but since I’m a guy who likes watching chick flicks, I’ll probably be renting and watching it myself. Mind you, it’s loosely based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (one my favorite plays), so I could argue that it’s modern literature…


UPDATE: After much searching and browsing on the web, I found out that there were several explicit scenes that were cut from the final movie, but released on the web. I thought that maybe they would have placed them into the deleted scenes on the DVD, but that is apparently not so. I’m glad I didn’t buy the movie, because my basic instinct is telling me that these bastard production companies will release a special director’s cut DVD later on down the line. Frakkers.

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