The one with the new decision (maybe).

Garfield 2007-03-22
Garfield – I’m never too old for this cat. ^^

I’ve come to a new decision in my life (maybe). I might be staying in town indefinitely (maybe). I really like this new job a lot. I mean, I don’t have very many lazy days anymore, but when I do get them, they are sooooooooo slack! I also can’t claim a lot of work expenses, I can’t go downtown when I need to anymore, and the work occasionally takes me to work environments that aren’t exactly clean or safe. Regardless, I’ve already mulled this decision over in my head for a while. I think I’ve just resigned myself to my fate. I love my Japanese media, I love my toys, and I love my games. They are all very expensive hobbies, and there’s no way in hell I’d be able to afford that stuff if I moved to the city and lived on my own. This is mostly because it’s hard to make the same amount of money as you can in my town, and I still live at home with my parents. Yeah, yeah, you may think it’s not normal, but it pretty much is in my culture. Mom doesn’t want me to leave (and will most likely follow me if I move). As much as Dad puts up a front, I’m pretty sure he feels the same way. Family is family, and when my parents get older, I’ll be returning the favor and taking care of them, so this is not a one-way street I’m driving on.

I slipped on some ice at the turn-off to my neighborhood on the way home from supper two days ago, and plowed into a snowbank. In this town, a snowbank actually means super compressed snow that can create diamonds. So, yeah – very rock solid. It shattered my lower front bumper and pushed out the passenger side of it where the low beam is located. Stupid icy roads. Stupid snow. Stupid car!

That’s the reason why I decided to buy a truck. I’m just going to keep driving my Altima, but I’m not gonna bother repairing it. It’s been a headache from day one, and I think – like Eugene’s GT – it’s time to retire it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still sticking with Nissan, but I’m going to retire THIS Altima. I may get another later on down the line, but more than likely I’ll shell out the big bucks for the beefier Fairlady Z or even an R34 (if I can import them). However, after some research, I decided to go with a Nissan Frontier – they’re not as insane as the Titan, but they’re adequate 4×4 trucks that fit my needs, as long as I get a newer model. I plan to stay with models that are newer than 2000, four doors, 4×4, and colored in either black or silver. Trucks are good for winter, especially up here. I never wanted a truck all this time because it would have contradicted my resolve to leave town, but since I might be staying, I may as well commit now. Bad news – I won’t be able to afford one until next winter. Oh, phooey!

I rented TMNT two nights ago for XBox 360. I’m definitely buying it. Last night, I bought Armored Core 4 for PS3 and Cooking Mama Cook-Off for Wii. AC4 is hella cool (I now know why Ian loves the series), but I haven’t played Cooking Mama yet because Dennis has my Wii and is leaving town this weekend. It’s just as well, since I want to spend more time on TMNT and maybe WoW, but I know neither will happen since I have to work this weekend. Double phooey!

I keep saying phooey. Triple phooey!


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