The one with the new job.

Azumanga Daiou - Tomo

So, good news – I got the job!

Should I explain? I suppose it would help.

Yesterday, I had my interview at Design Group in INCO. Basically, I was applying for Pat’s old job, as supported by Wil. It was rather nice of Wil to back me up like that, and I sure do owe him one. Anyway, his boss flew in from Toronto to hold the interview with me. I spent all morning at the Nexi trailer so that I wouldn’t miss the interview, so after lunch, I went right over and I was introduced to the boss man (really don’t remember his name at the moment), right before Wil showed me where the meeting room was. The boss guy interviewed me, and I thought I did okay, but I had my doubts, obviously, since I’ve had stellar interviews before with nothing coming out of it. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever been as calm or quick-witted during an interview as I was yesterday, so at least I’m starting to show some improvement in my oral skills (ladies, you can take that as a cue for a wide open joke opportunity). So, the boss dude told me he’d get back to me in a week’s time, so I had a sinking feeling that it was another way to say that I was so-so. Wil called me up about it afterwards, and when I told him about the week delay, he indignantly announced that he’d grill the big guy about it.

Today, I saw Candace for the first time in over a week. It was her second day back at work on day shift (I missed her yesterday because I was at INCO), so we had a chance to chat for a bit, but she and I were both busy with work, so we didn’t get a chance to hang out for long. Anyway, sometime in the afternoon, Wil called me up to ask if I was ready to quit my job at Nexi. I was so dumbstruck, I had to ask if it was good or bad news. Hahaha. Anyway, he said that he spoke to the head honcho, and he said that they were going to go with me, but since he’s apparently still new at the job, it’s going to take him a week to get all the hiring stuff taken care of. So, in a week, I’ll hopefully be able to put my two weeks in. I just can’t wait to be done with this job. Should I hit on Marcia on my last day? XD

Well, not much of an update, but it’s an update nevertheless. NSFW link ahead, as always.

Vikki Blows - Nude 01 Vikki Blows - Nude 02 Vikki Blows - Nude 03

Vikki Blows - Nude 04 Vikki Blows - Nude 05

I found this hot chick on FHM’s website named Vikki Blows (no, really, that’s her real name). Apparently, the US edition of FHM is done and over with due to a declining readership as compared to Maxim. However, the UK edition of FHM is still going strong, and they featured this little Essex hottie, who I just can’t resist. Raven locks. Pouty lips. Cute, little nipples.


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