The one with the Nihon no ryokou.

You heard it here first – I’m going to Japan, baby! Well, at least that’s the hope. Saving money for it is going to be extremely hard, because to be honest, even though I set myself up a strict budget to pay off my bills, I haven’t been keeping strict with it. Last minute purchases, vacation splurging, and unnecessary spending have all contributed to my budget goals getting more and more pushed back. With the Japan vacation planned, I’m going to be set back another year at best. However, it’s a chance of a lifetime – how many times will I be able to fulfill my dream? Probably not a whole lot.

To make a long story short, Priss-chan (who actually moved out of town a while ago) messaged me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to go on a trip to Japan with her. Well, I was originally going to make a trip there by myself after paying off the bills, but a trip with somebody who shares the same interests as me was just too perfect a chance to pass, so I accepted. With some ground rules, of course, but we agreed that we’d be going as friends only. I was heartbroken about that.

No, that’s not true. For a few years now, my hidden mission for Japan was to find a potential wife!! I wonder if there are omiai agencies there that can get the job done within a month (which is how long I’m going to be there for). Hahaha. Well, actually, I’m not one to rush things, and I’ve never been one to chase them either. If it happens, it happens. Right?

So, the trip is in May. I have seven months to save $10,000 for the trip. If I can pay off both my Visa cards before then, I’ll have $9,000 available. After going through my budget, I found it very feasible to do that and still have $5,000 cash on-hand. If I can somehow manage to get a raise at work, I’ll be laughing! Hahaha! Oops, too early.


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