The one with the Nodame CANTABILE dorama.

Mahou Sensei Negima - Konoka Fake Card
Mahou Sensei Negima – Konoe Konoka (fake) card

Everytime I see this card, I can’t help but laugh and remember how this silly-looking card came to be.

Well, I sat down tonight and finally watched the first episode of the Nodame CANTABILE renzoku dorama I talked about yesterday. Oh. My. God. I laughed my ass off, even though I’ve read the same scenarios in the manga over and over again – to read it is one thing, but to see it come to life is quite another. Especially the piano playing – sutekiiii~! For once, it’s nice to actually see and hear Nodame playing cantabile. Ueno Juri even makes the silly, puckered-lips expression when she plays. A nice little addition to the dorama was the inclusion of seeing Tamaki Hiroshi’s violent expression of Chiaki’s traumatic childhood memory. I’d have to say, if Fuji TV keeps up this pace and follows the manga as close as they’ve done so far, I’ll be hard-pressed not to vote this the best dorama of the year!! As Nodame would say, “Gyabo!”

Nodame CANTABILE - Chiaki
Chiaki – just as cool in real life (although he loses his cool more often than not).

Nodame CANTABILE - Nodame
Noda Megumi (Nodame) – “BUU~” (the sound effect of a fart).

Nodame CANTABILE - Messy Apartment
Nodame’s messy apartment.

Nodame CANTABILE - Shampoo
Nodame only shampoos every three days. Ano…

STREISEMANN: Sukebe no jiji.
Nodame: Tabemono ga suki.

Nodame CANTABILE - Masumi-chan
Masumi-chan – in love with Chiaki.

Nodame CANTABILE - Mine
Mine Ryutaro – not important in the dorama… yet.

Oh, and if you haven’t done so, go to your local bookstore and pick up the first six volumes of the manga, published by Del Rey. If you love classical music and/or slice-of-life comedy, you won’t regret it.

NSFW time. If you’ve survived my Nihon otaku ranting this long, you deserve what’s behind door A.

Wallpaper - Elf with wings
Random Wallpaper – Hot elf with wings

Just a random, unsorted wallpaper I had lying around in my images folder. Wish I knew who did this one, they used a nice background. Oh, and the hot elf chick was nice too. ^^

Akibakei Kanojo - Aoi Ren with wings
Akibakei Kanojo – Aoi Ren as an angel

I don’t know why, but Akibakei Kanojo is one of my most favorite hentai anime. The main character keeps getting into these favorable sex-capades with all these hot women, and he comments on how this never happens even in eroge! Hahaha. Also, the animation style is a bit different, even for anime in general. The character designs are both familiar and unique, and although the story is yet another recycled eroge storyline based around sex, it’s actually one that I can actually watch the whole thing through. I have yet to play the eroge, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually.

Yes, tonight’s theme is girls with wings. I’d post more of them, but I don’t have many. What a shame.

以上。。。であります。 ギャボッ。

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