The one with the overly affectionate cat.

So, yeah. I’m house sitting for my friends, Dave and Marina, who went off to Portugal for about a month to get married. Mind you, they have an apartment, and the main reason why they wanted me living there is because of their cat. A white, fluffy, long-haired cat that’s overly affectionate, to be exact. I say overly affectionate because it always wants some damn attention. The first few days were fine, because I love cats and have never owned one or had good experiences with them – a farm cat left a scratch all along my arm when I was a kid, the only cat I owned on my grandmother’s chicken farm ran away, and I’m allergic to the little buggers (but only certain breeds). The cat was rather cute, greeting me at the door when I got back from work, wanting attention all the time. However, after that, it got annoying real fast. The cat started waking me up at the crack of dawn, and since it’s the summer, that means 3:00 in the morning. His insistent meows trying to lull me into its self-proclaimed cuteness, demanding that he be petted and loved immediately, or that I needed to address one of his concerns, which usually meant leaving the water running at a trickle in the bathroom, as he likes to lap up water straight from the tap, but now I just leave it running all the time. At first, I felt like ignoring him would make him angry at me, but once I got to the point where I needed sleep, I learned to ignore him very easily. I was actually able to sleep in until 7:00 for a couple days, but then he started a new tactic – jumping on me and sleeping on my head. Okay, so if there was ever a cat that wasn’t independent, THIS CAT is the one!!

Not a lot going on. I bought the movie edition of the Optimus Prime action figure from Wal-Mart. It’s been getting hella hot in town. Although two nights ago, Candace and I got a chance to hang out. I walked her horse for her at the stables – pretty cool, but I still have my qualms about getting on one. Anyway, we walked Black Snake Moan. We were expecting some sort of action flick, but that teaches us not to read the plot synopsis. As it turns out, the movie, which starred Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci, is about a girl who craves sex like a drug and a man who tries to make sense of his life after his wife cheated on him and left by saving this girl through the blues and a bit of preaching. While the movie was passably okay and the blues music was enjoyable, I think I found myself glued to the screen because of Christina Ricci’s slim body and perky titties. My god, she was pretty much naked for the first half of the movie. AWESOME! She lost weight for this movie, and man does she look good enough to eat off a plate. Mind you, I’ve always liked her, but she didn’t star in movies that I particularly enjoyed. At least she made up for it by showing off her boobs. Oh, and Candace thought the movie sucked.

Anyway, enough of my man-rant. I’m headed off to Winnipeg tomorrow morning, bright and early, with Esmond and James H, to go watch Transformers! It’s definitely gonna be one hell of a movie, or so people have said so far. Mind you, I’ve been trying to keep myself away from official reviews before watching it myself, but they’ve been hyping this movie up for the fans so much that I have mixed feelings about it. I’m still not 100% about the Transformer designs, and Michael Bay is not even on my list of choices to be directing this film, but it’s the frakkin’ Transformers, man! I gotta watch it, even if it sucks, because we’ve all been clamoring for a live-action movie for long enough. So, on Friday afternoon, hopefully, it’ll be time to “transform and roll out!”


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