The one with the PS3 sale.

It’s been difficult, especially after checking PS3 sales on eBay – they’ve all been mediocre at best, almost as if gaming freaks around the world suddenly grew rational brains and decided that they would collectively pay not a cent more than retail on the 20 GB PS3 units. The 60 GB units are still flying off the eBay shelves, so those who got a 60 GB and wanted to sell it – they were in luck. They would see a profit, at any rate. But as for me, who suffered through cold weather and a very long night, I will have nothing to show for it. Or will I?

I plan to sell my PS3 locally. However, I plan to do it somewhat online. I’m going to be putting up an elaborate flyer with an alias e-mail address that people can send offers to (with a simple website that will track all updates that people can view on the fly). Whoever makes the best offer before December 23 will be taking home a PS3 for the holidays (if they pay me beforehand, that is). Smart idea, eh? I just hope I can make some money here.

Speaking of PS3, I ran some errands today. Went for lunch with James H (henceforth known as Fallout747, his online nickname, so as to not confuse with the other James), and I brought along my Sixaxis controller, Ridge Racer 7, Genji: Day Of The Blade, and Call Of Duty 3. After lunch, we went to my place where I lent Fallout747 a couple movies, and then we hit Wal-Mart where I exchanged my copy of COD3 for Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. I’d been mulling over Dark Kingdom ever since it was released, and I finally broke down and got it (it was even $10 cheaper than COD3). After all was said and done, we went back to Fallout747’s place, and we played Dark Kingdom for a bit there. It was an awesome game, but the camera was a bit silly. Still, it’s great fun for multiplayer, but I don’t see either of us playing it single player much. It’s almost like a cross between Diablo, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, and Gauntlet (or so Fallout747 said – I’ve never played Gauntlet before). I also took the wrapping off my other two games. So – yes, I am keeping those games. Why? I dunno… nostalgia, perhaps. Also, I wanted something to keep me occupied on the PS3 if I ever got the urge to play it. My final verdict of the PS3 – not as bad as I thought it was initially. I was able to easily transfer music (the entire FINAL FANTASY XII OST) and pictures (Mitake Ryoko = hot) from my portable USB drive. I even changed the generic name of Fallout747’s PS3. Get this – I named it “Fallout747Boy”. Ingenius, eh? Now, I just need to find out the encoding method for transferring videos. It’s quite possibly the same as the PSP, only with a higher resolution. I was somewhat crestfallen to find out that unlike the PSP, you can’t apply a photo as a wallpaper. Sony, that’s some major suckage, dudes. Fix it in the next update already.

I decided to include a treat with this entry, since I haven’t posted any images in the last two posts (yet). Since I’ve been talking about FINAL FANTASY XII recently, I thought it’d be nice to give those of you who love the soundtrack but don’t have enough money to buy it, a copy of it. I uploaded it to Megaupload’s server, so it’s a direct download, but snatch it up quick before it disappears – they will automatically delete it after 30 days of no activity, so don’t blame me if you miss it.

Download FINAL FANTASY XII ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK here. You will need WinRAR to extract it.


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