The one with the Q.

I’m so stupid, but I love my gadgets. Didn’t somebody once say, “love is blind”? If so, can it apply to material things? XD

I went to MTS yesterday and bought a Motorola Q. My Razr contract isn’t over yet, so Dennis said that I would have to buy the Q outright, so I did. I bought a $700 phone two days before I leave to Montreal with Eugene for the G3 concert. Stupid, right? I have about $400 to my name, and I don’t get paid until a week from this Tuesday. Am I not making any sense? You just leave that to me.

So, yeah. Montreal tomorrow. Well, not exactly – we drive to Winnipeg first, then take a flight that connects through Toronto to Montreal. I have no idea what I’m going to do for additional funds if I run out, but I have a new American Express card that I applied for two weeks ago, so I can only hope that we run into places that accept the damn thing, because nobody in town accepts it so far.

I almost forgot, I picked up a copy of Command & Conquer 3 (Kane Limited Edition) yesterday during lunch. Unfortunately, I don’t have a PC with enough guts to play it at the moment, so I just took it to Dennis’ place and watched him play through a couple levels. It looks amazing so far – a new PC is definitely on the top of my to-buy list (once I pay Eugene back for this trip).

Also, I’m currently hooked on Nelly Furtado’s Say It Right, even though her Loose album isn’t as good as Folklore was.

Work has been busy, as usual. I didn’t work last Saturday, but I did work on Sunday – did printers throughout T-1 and the Mill. The weather was great since the weekend, and then on Wednesday night, when I was reconfiguring printers at Birchtree (more overtime – w00t!), it started to rain… which quickly turned into a blizzard. WTF, mate?!

I always thought of myself being lucky when it comes to money, especially when I really need it at the last minute. However, this time around, I had a sinking feeling that my luck had run out, but my dad just called and asked me if he could pay me $1500 to recompensate me for my stolen laptop because claiming insurance wasn’t going to be worth it for him. WHAT!? (Lil’ Jon style)

I guess… I’m back in the game!! ^_^


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