The one with the room cleanup.


Well, I made it to and from Cross Lake safely, even though it was raining there and back and the dirt road became muddy. On that note, it’s always a bit safer to go in an SUV or truck, and one should always slow down when meeting oncoming traffic, because with such unpredictable road conditions, anything can happen. I came upon a truck fishtailing towards me, which was scary, but the driver pulled out of it at the last second. What a fucking jerk. Some people just do not deserve to drive. Either that, or they should make drifiting a requirement to pass your driver’s test! Hahaha.

Seriously, I’m not kidding. They could have a dedicated D-1 course for this (just like the parallel parking poles).

Umm… anyway, enough of that. When I got back, I went to Wal-Mart to look for some bookshelves, because AM just bought some bookshelves on Monday, and after I helped to assemble them, I noticed how nice and sturdy they were and immediately wanted some of my own. They’re finished with just the right color, and although they only have two shelves, it would be more than enough to display my anime/game figures. Unfortunately, when I got to Wal-Mart, they only had two in stock of the color I wanted. I took both of them, and yesterday, I spent all afternoon rearranging my room to accommodate these new additions. I’ll probably post a YouTube video to show viewers what I have now, but not yet, as I went to Wal-Mart just now and found that they got one more in stock, which I promptly bought. I still have yet to assemble it, but I’ll probably do that after I post this entry tomorrow (edited by Heihachi on 10/02/2006 00:57).

As part of my rearranging, I decided to take down Esmond’s old posters and put up some fresh, new ones. I mostly put up some new anime/game/idol posters, and since I don’t have enough to cover the walls, I subscribed to Megami again. For Esmond, I even put up a Kira Yamato poster that came with an old issue of ANIMAGE that I had buried in my magazine collection.

So much anime and games, so little time. There are so many kawaii characters out there that I want to put on my wall and set as my wallpaper on my computers, but it’s hard to keep up. In addition, I hardly know the names of half these characters, since I haven’t seen the anime, played the games, or read the manga yet. For shame.

I’m pretty superficial, but in a weird way. Despite all the character types out there – moe, loli, goth, tsundere, chijo, oneesan, imouto, osana na jimi, meganekko, kogal, maid, etc. – I pretty much like certain characters over others because of their hair color and style, at least, until I get to know the character or not. In some ways, not familiarizing myself with anime/games/manga makes it easier for me to like certain characters more. Take the series, COMIC PARTY, for example. Ohba Eimi is one of my favorite character designs, but when I read the manga and watched the anime (have yet to play the game, though), I found her to be too haughty for my tastes. However, I bought a PVC figure of her because it looked kawaii. What character type would you classfiy Eimi-chan, anyway? Tsundere, maybe, but I feel as though she could be a mixed type. Oh, well. Bikini images time!


This is a sexy scan that came from Megami. SIMOUN is one of the latest anime I haven’t watched yet, but I have all the most recent episodes sitting on my hard drive, wasting space. Meh, I’ll either: (a) get around to watching it sometime, or (b) wait until the last episode is downloaded and then burn it to DVD, forgetting about it forever. Most likely (b). Such is the fate of many of the anime series I’ve collected.

Fate/stay night - Sexy RIDER in a bikini!
Fate/stay night – Sexy RIDER in a bikini!

Yep, this is probably one of my most favorite scans from Fate/stay night. RIDER is deadly, and I still have no idea how she can see with that mask on. I like the pose, and the way her eyes are penciled. Plus, all that hair. It must be killer to shampoo and dry that much hair. I get shudders just thinking about having hair that long.


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