The one with the Soul Link and Kashimashi marathon.

I plowed through both Soul Link and Kashimashi ~GIRL MEETS GIRL~ in the past two evenings. It was quite the marathon. Also, it’s because I’m running out of space on my HDD and I needed to free some space. I’m going to be hitting Makai Senki DISGAEA next. Spoiler warning ahead.

Soul Link was one of those series that I watched because of the game, the storyline, the characters, and the fan service – however, for some strange reason, when they put it all together, I still wasn’t completely satisfied. Mind you, the characters all grew, and it was great to see how they all matured and changed by the end. However, the storyline, despite its little twist in the middle, didn’t grab me. I kept expecting more – with a title like Soul Link, I kept thinking of something more grand and exciting – maybe some magic wielding or something. Unfortunately, it turned out to be quite the opposite – and they never even explained Nanami’s birth properly. Although there were a lot of かわいい女の子, I didn’t really like the characters too much, although I did fancy Aya because she was a bit clueless, which was kinda cute. A hostage serving food to her kidnappers voluntarily? Hehehe.

After that show, I decided to watch something a little more light-hearted, but I ended up subjecting myself to the tragic yuri romance of Kashimashi ~GIRL MEETS GIRL~. You bastards. The storyline, at first, seemed like one of those laugh fests with a bit of school life, simple romance, and slice-of-life. I mean, let’s have some aliens suddenly land on the main character and upon reconstructing him, accidentally switch his gender. Doesn’t that sound like a comedic plotline to you? No, as it turns out, it’s the basis for the tragedy and romance of the yuri love triangle that unfolds. However, I rather enjoyed this one, and eagerly await to see what happens in the upcoming OVA. The ending seemed a bit unfair to Tomari-chan, since they took that last episode to focus on her – in the end, Yasuna came off looking like the undeserving winner of Hazumu’s affections, even after they spent a lot of time on her character throughout the series. I did feel sorry for Yasuna, but to be honest, it would have seemed a bit unfair to leave her idling like that – in a world where she can’t recognize anybody. I guess you could say that Hazumu pitied her a bit more than she loved her, but because of her initial feelings, the writers got away with it. I enjoyed this series a lot, and I hope Seven Seas puts the manga out as soon as possible (because December is too long a wait). Damn, I’m hooked on the ED theme, Michishirube, as sung by the four female seiyuu, but only the TV size versions are available. Well, if I make an extra ¥6000 in deliveries or computer work, then maybe I’ll order it, unless I can find a torrent.


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