The one with the T-Rex.

What a crazy weekend. This guy, Hammond, who funds our excavation digs, showed up in the middle of a new find and asked us to go to this new amusement park of his and sign off on it, in exchange for three more years of full funding. Well, can’t say no to the money, right? So, off we went, and this so-called park of his happens to be chock full of genetically engineered dinosaurs that nearly kill us, no thanks to Hammond’s lack of control over these large beasts (and his staff, might I add).

Just kidding. I watched Jurassic Park. Must have sounded awfully familiar, eh?

In my last post, I was talking about the ero figure of Housen Ryofu from Ikki Tousen. Well, I actually tried to purchase it anyway, but as it turns out, most of the places I tried to order it from wouldn’t ship it to Canada, or requested a Japanese address. Seeing as how my knowledge of written Japanese language is still quite limited, I didn’t want to sift through a full Japanese site (like あみあみ) and attempt to order through them. The bloodsucking leeches on eBay were overcharging for it. I’m still searching for a way, but it’s starting to look bleak.

For the rest of the weekend, my aunt wanted me to help setup a website for her to sell her homemade jewelry, so we signed her up with a hosting plan, a domain, and a payment gateway through the free AgoraCart. However, we need to input all her inventory, so we still need to take pictures of them as of this writing. I’ll post a link once the store is up, but keep in mind that I still need to figure out how to use CSS with AgoraCart.

In between all this, I did some rearranging on my desk – I disconnected and put away my Samsung 172X LCD monitor, using the DVI for my Acer 32″ LCD TV, and rerouted my keyboard and mouse to sit in front of it. As a result, I had to streamline a lot of the clutter on my desk, and the piles of manga got moved to the floor in a neater stack. Where my keyboard, mouse, and monitor used to be, I placed my laptop and the keyboard and mouse for it. If only I had a short-haired rug or wood flooring, then I could move my chair between the two workstations, but oh well. I’m only ever going to use Mitake for downloading, scanning pictures, ripping CDs, backing up data, and watching videos. Neither of those tasks take very long, so I don’t have to sit in front of a big-ass TV (even though it’s crystal clear, it’s just not good for the eyes, and it’s best to sit at a distance). I think I might end up getting a wireless keyboard and mouse for it if things escalate to a point.

Once everything was done, I watched the latest episode of SCHOOL RUMBLE 二学期, and caught up to the latest episodes of マジカノ. I wanted to watch some .hack//Roots, but stuff got in the way. Such as badly encoded videos.

I also went to the local hobby store with Esmond on Sunday. I picked up Ranma Nibun No Ichi Vol. 1, ORION No Shounen Vol. 1, Witchblade TP #3, Danger Girl TP #2, and the March issue of Newtype. They ordered the USA version, but got the original Japanese version instead, so I bought it since nobody else will in this town.

Just placed some preorders with Neowing. They’re the first three orders at the top of my Preorders page, if you’re interested.


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