The one with the third pay period.

Every year, everybody gets a month (or two, depending) where they get three pay periods instead of just two. It just so happens that this month is my time to shine. However, I still haven’t recovered from my trip to Winnipeg last month (since people kept asking me to buy them stuff), but I gave it my best shot and spent only half of my paycheck on stuff from Japan (the other half going to my financial recovery). Finally, a chance to pick up old stuff I didn’t have enough money for.

So, I started writing again. It’s been a while since I actually had a chance to sit down and do some writing. I blame work… and myself… ;_;

Okay, okay, I won’t change the subject. I know I should at least post what I bought. Well, here goes.

DEVIL MAY CRY 3 Special Edition (PS2 Game)
Seiken Densetsu DS (DS Game)
Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (Movie DVD Special Edition)
Ar tonelico Seikai No Owaride Utai Tsuzukeru Shoujo ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (Album CD)
– SO-LA – Hadaka No KISS (Single CD+DVD)

Huh. That wasn’t much at all. No, trust me, it is. PS2 games from Japan are about ¥7000, which is about on par with here. It’s the damn movie that killed me the most – ¥8000!! Well, it’s a special edition, after all. Maeda Aki (from BATTLE ROYALE) is in it… yummy. I also broke down and bought the Ar Tonelico soundtrack, since I heard that it’s the best soundtrack to come out of gaming in a while. I’m highly looking forward to Seiken Densetsu DS, though – it’s a new game that’s supposed to borrow heavily from the original Famicom series, but with multiple weapon sets. w00t. I loved Seiken Densetsu 2 for Super Famicom (Secret Of Mana for Super NES in North America), so I’m looking forward to trying the DS version out. The big surprise here is the single CD by SO-LA – Aoi Sora’s singing career (!!!). It comes with a DVD, so I’m expecting to see a cute and sexy PV (with a name like Hadaka No KISS, I hope so!!).

Earlier this week, I killed a fairy. It was big and slimy. Sorry, just being random.

Over the weekend, I also ordered Sowelu’s album, Heads or Tails?, from Amazon. I just hope they can source it, because it’s the special edition I’m looking for. It comes with a DVD with the PV for Uh, which is so hot.

Yesterday, I got in three of my Neowing orders all at once!! Pretty crazy, eh? I got in my figures of Kazami Mizuho, Ono Kanako, Chidori Kaname, and Teresa Testarossa. I also got in Kawada Mami’s SEED album, KOTOKO’s being single, SweetS’ Bitter SweetS single, and the FFXII soundtrack. Haven’t had a chance to rip any of the CDs, but that’s because it took me all night to romanize the FFXII soundtrack, and I was only able to rip the first disc, because I kept falling asleep at the PC. I took an extra long nap and woke up on time for bedtime. Hahaha. Well, I stayed up a bit longer to eat some supper and watch some of Joey on DVD. That box set sucks – no subtitles (can’t watch ANYTHING without subs now ^_^) and no Dolby Digital audio. It’s a good thing that the show is so hilarious. I was sad when I heard that it was being cancelled, but that’s just typical these days. Spin off shows are hard to keep alive. I just hope that BSG’s Caprica doesn’t fall to the same fate.

Well, off to attle with Ian on SC and then time to get cracking on some writing. Yeah!


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