The one with the Tokyo Drift.


More news from the last person to know. BALDR FORCE EXE RESOLUTION is being made into an anime OVA. Hurrah!

Watched The Fast And The Furious – Tokyo Drift on Tuesday when it was released. Wow, now THAT is how you make a racing movie, Hollywood. Quite possibly the best of the three movies (in my opinion, of course), and it was definitely cool to see cameo appearances from the Drift King, Tsuchiya Keiichi; JDrama actor, Tsumabuki Satoshi (from ORANGE DAYS, SHOTGUN MARRIAGE, and the WATERBOYS movie); hot actress/model, Kitagawa Keiko (who played Sailor Mars in the live-action Bishoujo Senshi SAILOR MOON); Asian racing queen, Tanaka Aiko; and Asian model, Kaila Yu (who I’ve ranted about previously in my LJ a long time ago). The drifting wasn’t phenomenal like in INITIAL D, but the fact that they put in some very nice drifting sequences really made it stand out on its own (especially the cool scene where they drifted through Shibuya and the huge crowd just parted). However, there were still problems with the minute details, such as the lead characters are all American. The villains are Asians. So typical of Hollywood. I know that Han is Asian as well (and played by Korean-American, Sung Kang, might I add), but my theory is that he paid the price for being Asian in the movie (I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t watched it). Despite these little racial no-no’s, I loved the movie as a whole. I guess I’m just easy to please (call me a chink, jap, or gook to my face, and give me some chocolate if I get angry… give me chocolate anyway, I love it ^_^). In addition, I also watched The Lake House (sci-fi romance that doesn’t explain the sci-fi, but is still a “feel good” movie) and The Notorious Bettie Page (biography of the pin-up queen of the universe – more importantly, Gretchen Mol gets naked and she is HAWT).

I’ve been working on that story I had talked about earlier, which is currently called Friend Zone. I further revised it, especially the beginning, and I’m well over 50 pages. Oops. It’s almost ready for publishing to PDF, and then I may post it here. I’ve been thinking about making a dedicated page in WP for my works, but that would effectively render my Fiction category obsolete. Anyway, for those interested, keep checking back sometime this weekend.

So, I’m going to Cross Lake tomorrow morning. Yay and all that crap. I hate driving to those crap communities, because of the awful dirt/gravel roads and the fatigue one feels from driving those roads for too long. I get to spend 5½ hours on that road. Well, I decided to post about it since if I don’t post again this weekend, you’ll know that I died on the road (most likely from driving too long). w00t.

STRAWBERRY PANIC! – Aoi and Kizuna

I never knew that Maki Chitose was the original character designer for STRAWBERRY PANIC! Pretty cool, I love her art style. It’s got a soft , hazy feel to it, and the character designs are sharp, stylish, and very pleasing. I need to buckle down and watch that series sometime.


I thought I’d post another Sutopani piece. Anime rarely ever follows the art style and direction of the manga, but I enjoy this clean look as well. It’s easier to draw for the animators, and it still looks better than Western animation. Ever notice how, in the majority of Western animation, the character profile seems to change into a different style when drawn in a different angle? It almost looks as though either the artist wasn’t trying hard, or he let somebody else draw that one angle.

Moving back on topic, Aoi-chan is barely wearing her pajamas. Niiiiiiiice. Makes me think of female roommates. If I ever get female roommates, I can only dream that they’ll be walking around like that. I also think clumsiness is cute.


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