The one with the unnecessary all-afternoon upgrade.

I wasted all afternoon and part of the evening upgrading my WP installation to the latest version on Saturday. The reason why is because I forgot that my web server supports auto-upgrading by script. Wasted my entire time. I could have been working on the computer that I spent all evening on.

So far, though, this new version is pretty cool. It supports auto-saving of unpublished entries, which has been way past overdue. Accessing HTML code is now accessible by tabbed interface instead of opening a popup window. The rich text editor still sucks, though. The damn thing was coded for IE users, so in Firefox, it acts funny when you navigate the cursor between paragraphs – all of a sudden, there’s more whitespace at the end of the paragraph. If you start appending, the rich editor automatically places a <br /> tag right away, so that the new information gets a line break. Piece of shit IE-friendly code. What’s worse is that with the new version, you can no longer see the HTML code anymore. I wish there was a way to disable automatic HTML and just let you choose what you want to do… in fact, I could do without the whole WYSIWYG interface altogether. Nobody adds entries except for me, so tailoring it for others is useless.

So, anyway, after that was done, I went to my office to work on a home PC from Lynn Lake. I went there at 20:30, after picking up a bottle of water at the gas station. After working for three hours, I decided to order a pizza for delivery, because I was getting hungry. Immediately after, Candace called me from upstairs, since she was on midnight shift that night. We hung out in my office while I worked on the PC, making idle chatter about everything and nothing. (I’d like to say that we had mad, tantric, office sex, but I’ve had worse luck.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get home until 3:30 in the morning. That stupid computer. Oh, well, the user called me this morning and I charged her $100 for it. Hardly worth it, I think, but I’m just super nice.

Sunday was a lot easier. I spent all day loading up Perrie’s new iPod Nano with music. While that was happening, I watched some episodes of Hana Yori Dango 2 RETURNS. I’ve been so far behind in that series, so I had to catch up. Actually, I should really finish Nodame CANTABILE. Wonder why I didn’t think of watching that instead? Now that I’m all caught up on Hanadan 2, I have to wait for the next episode to come out. What a kick in the nuts. I did deliveries in the evening, had a bit of a break to read Laurell K. Hamilton’s Guilty Pleasures (Brandi and Marley recommended!), so I hung out with Happygoth (and Erin was in the living room watching Hell’s Kitchen) until the last delivery of the day called me back.

It’s getting harder for me to make posts with images all the time – I spend most of the time searching for images that I like that I can put into the post. This can take many hours, especially when I can get sidetracked easily. So, I’m planning to add a new Main category that are just images only. Something like that – I haven’t worked out all the details yet. More to come.

So, yes, that’s the reason why this entry is naked. Heh. “Naked”. That’s a sexy word. Same with “nudity”. I wish there was more female nudity in my life. Actually, never mind. The last thing I need is to see a bunch of old ladies walking around naked in plain sight. The thought makes me shudder. Brrr. X_x

Speaking of which, lunch is over, and I need to get back to work!


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