The one with the upgrade to π (pi).

If nobody noticed, I upgraded the website to version π (pi), hence the several-digit value of pi. Why, you ask? Because the previous version before this was 3.13, and it was going to be 3.14 next, so I decided to step it up a notch (or lower my standards, whichever you prefer) and use this joke.

Well, things have been kinda stagnant lately. Last weekend’s UFC was a major upset. The weather was rather winter-like last week. There just hasn’t been an opportunity to do much of anything around the house other than veg (due to lack of funds and/or help). I sliced my finger open on a server. I accidentally disabled the LAN connection on a print server at work. Normal stuff that happens. Nothing phenomenal. Maybe I’m just really comfortable.

So, back to the recent upgrade – I finally got off my ass and added the Eye Candy category to my website. If you haven’t noticed, I stopped posting pictures of hot girls in my entries, because I wanted to find a way to keep it separate from everything else (and make it easier to find for people). So, I added the category, made the first Eye Candy entry, and added the category to my front page. Ahh, ’tis good to accomplish something (at work).


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The one with all the Lesson Reviews.

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