The one with the upgrade to 3.12.

HIOS Sky Blue 2007

If you’re reading this on my LJ, that’s what my website looks like now.

Well, after over 11 months, I finally decided to make a new theme for my WordPress-powered website. However, after doing so, I decided to add a few upgrades, so to speak – I’ve added widget support, along with several widgets I like. I’ve also cut down on the slack – the only graphics on the site now are the banner and the subcategory icon. Believe me, the old one had lots of hidden graphics that you didn’t know were graphics. I’m mysterious that way.

I started this little project of mine last weekend, so a lot of time went by. There were a couple of delays here and there (such as watching A Scanner Darkly, playing Go! Sudoku for PSP, grinding in FINAL FANTASY III DS, and copying tons of DVDs for people). It was very strange too – I had the idea to retheme my site all last week, but it was only on Sunday (after hanging out with Candace downtown and helping Fallout747 to set up his new DLP on Saturday) that I actually sat down and did it. It was bumpy at first, because I was familiarizing myself with both the WordPress templates/tags and PHP/MySQL. It didn’t take long before I got right down to the core and started tearing everything apart. Then came the customization. Oh, the customization! I finally finished today (with some spare time leftover to make everything IE-compliant), and you are now seeing what I see (if you’re actually on my site).

There’s some mention of new material I’ll be putting on my site. I know that there’s nothing right now, but that’s because this weekend is going to be a busy one for me. I’ll explain further below.

Rejoice, LJ users, because with the new ideas I had, I also decided to lift the restriction on LJ commenting. So, those of you who wanted to comment on my blog entry without leaving the LJ community can now do so. I didn’t figure out a solution to crosspost LJ comments to my blog, though. I could always use trackbacks, but that would invite all sorts of TB spam to come traipsing in after I spent a long while building walls to keep them out. So, no comment crossposting for now. Big whoop – if anybody cared enough, they would’ve went to my website and realized that I don’t force registrations for comments anyway. A little bitter? Perhaps. It’s like I always say, “you know who your friends are when…”

Speaking of which, a big thanks to those who took the time to comment on my website – Jennie, Yukiko, Dennis, Erin, Jazmine, and even Shari! This is my sanctity, where I can put down my innermost thoughts and keep my real self from going postal. Thanks for all your input!

It almost sounds like I’m leaving or something. ^_^

Anyway, not much else went on. I broke down and finally bought Go! Sudoku for PSP two nights ago. I love the PS3 version, so I wanted a portable version… and Eugene saw it and took it to work with him. Buggers. >_<

I also recently watched My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Hahaha! That was one funny movie. There’s nothing worse than a girl with super-strength, speed, and flying abilities feeling a little underappreciated and unloved. Another good one I enjoyed was John Tucker Must Die. Lots of hotties in that one, and it was quite entertaining, though predictable.

Work has been nice and easygoing recently. I think it’s because I’ve been taking a nice and easygoing attitude there. I mean, I don’t try so hard to make myself look hard working – far from it. I make myself look like a person who works hard some days and slacks off other days. I slacked off for two days this week. If my boss pays any attention to my allocated hours, they might notice it. I really don’t care, since I don’t like my job and I’m looking for other areas of work. The only highlight of my job is chatting with Candace (when she’s on day shift) and that nice cutie, Melissa, who started working there this week. She’s so friendly and down-to-earth too, and I like that French accent of hers.

So, this weekend is going to rock. I’m going to Evanescence with Eugene (and presumably a bunch of other people from town are going to be there). I haven’t been to a concert since A Taste Of Chaos last spring. I’d really love to see Bullet For My Valentine and Story Of The Year live, but I digress. Candace is also going to be in the city on Sunday, and since I took the week off from work, we’ll probably hang out on Monday and leave together on Tuesday. Even though I took the week off, I don’t really have the money (well, I do, but I don’t want to spend it) to stay in the city the entire time. Also, Eugene will be driving back on Sunday in my car, and having no car in the city sucks.

Well, gotta make some music for the road, as we’re driving out tomorrow night. I’ll let Eugene handle that. After all, he took my PSP, dammit!


WHAT?! No NSFW link this time?! Gomen nasai, I really am pressed for time here… T_T

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  1. I think I’ll only worry that you’re “going away” when you start giving away all of your most prized possessions. LOL!

    AND HEY!!! Just kuz I don’t comment on your blog doesn’t mean I don’t read it every day. . . *sniffle* .. am eye not a friend.. .??. . . AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaHA

  2. Nope. DELETED!

    Leaping monkeys, I forgot that you registered on my website!

    I’d say something witty here, but I just woke up. Sha-zam!

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