The one with the water closet hatch.

COMIC PARTY - Character Cast
COMIC PARTY – Character Cast

I went to the washroom at work this morning, and the building manager and a plumber were working on a ceiling hatch in one of the stalls. I really don’t like using public washrooms because I feel uneasy when other people are around. Anyway, I went up to the next floor and used the washroom up there. Another thing about public washrooms. I hate using them, period, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. I make it a point to wipe down the seat with TP, since it cleans fast, you have instant access to it, and it flushes easy, taking all the mess away (if there was one, but let’s not get into that). This time was no exception. The seat wasn’t really dirty, since cleaners thoroughly clean the washrooms at night, and it was the early morning at the time, but I’m just paranoid. As I flushed the dirty TP, I couldn’t help but have a silly thought – what if the plumber downstairs was working in the open hatch and all the water I just flushed splashed all over him down there? I mean, the washrooms in this building are all located exactly in the same spot on each floor, and even the stalls appear to be aligned the same way. Anyway, he came into the washroom with the building manager a few minutes later, completely dry, so I guess not.

Unless he took a shower and used a hair blow dryer at supersonic speeds.

I’m digressing, but why are there ceiling hatches in the washrooms? Are they in all public washrooms worldwide? Is the hatch actually called a closet? If so, is that why the Japanese (and British-English variants) refer to washrooms as water closets?

Suzumiya HARUHI No Yuu Utsu - Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay
Suzumiya HARUHI No Yuu Utsu – Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay

Browsed through HF-Network this morning (nothing to do, really, I’ve done all the calls I could and no parts arrived today) and found this really sweet cosplay photo. Now, I know the costume LOOKS like a cosplayer’s custom job, and there was a better cosplay on HF-Network since the school uniform actually looked like a real school uniform (maybe it was), but I liked this one more because the girl was really cute. Hey, I’m not a stickler for all the details, but this girl was much cuter than the other one, and girls pretty much win me over more than the details, if you catch my drift. Inertial drift, that is (baaaaaaad).

There’s more to this entry, but if you click the more link, I assure you that the contents are absolutely NSFW. You’ve been warned.

Mai-HiME - Doujin Hadaka Girls
Mai-HiME – Doujin Hadaka Girls

Koukyou Shihen EUREKA SEVEN - Doujin Hadaka Girls
Koukyou Shihen EUREKA SEVEN – Doujin Hadaka Girls

I also found these while browsing HF-Network. Yikes! Nice art, nice proportions (^_~), but WTF is up with the other faceless naked bodies in the background? That’s just tasteless. Still, I like the naked characters. I LOVE ERO!!! >_< (Yep, still sound like a stalker.)


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