The one with the weekend, or lack thereof.

I had some rice with luncheon meat and pork ‘n’ beans two days ago and yesterday. It was one of my most favorite meals as a kid, and eating it is very 懐かしい. Brings back memories of younger times. Yep.

Even with my busy schedule, I managed to squeeze in watching two movies. I watched Amanda Bynes’ latest flick, Lovewrecked. Now, I love Amanda Bynes, and she’s funny, cute, and hot at the same time. The storyline was good, but the underlying best friend love plotline came very second to the main plotline, which was kind of disappointing. Either way, I’d recommend it to any diehard Amanda fans, but I still think that She’s The Man is the best one she’s put out so far. Yesterday, I watched The Holiday. Now, THAT’S a romance flick that satisfies. Jack Black was funny, as usual. While I don’t think Cameron Diaz is particularly hot, she’s a hilarious actress. Jude Law is just too pretty for his own good. The surprise in the movie was that Kate Winslet stole the show. Her accent turns me on. I’ve recently been visiting a lot of UK babe sites and I’ve been digging British chicks, but I digress. I haven’t seen Kate Winslet in anything since Titanic. However, I did see her in Sense and Sensibility (but still have yet to see Quills and Heavenly Creatures). Anyway, I highly recommend The Holiday – it’s funny, romantic (guess I’m just a romantic at heart), and – best of all – the music is very catchy! This is probably going to be one of the rare movies that I’ll actually buy.

I had planned to play WoW all weekend, since I haven’t had a chance to do so recently, but alas, I am cursed – I had to come in this weekend to work on a printer project – we have to reset all the printers on the network so they can grab a new private IP range due to changes in the subnet mask scheme. We just finished all the printers for the dry, the warehouse, and the shops today – tomorrow, we do the refinery and part of the main office. As with any project, we ran into problems – but that goes with the territory. However, at 14:00 today, I needed to get back to my desk to buy tickets for the Russell Peters show in Toronto this June. Unfortunately, I was in such a rush to get back that I didn’t check the seats – I ended up getting shitty seats. My own damn fault… anybody want tickets in the rafters? I’m willing to sell them at a loss.

It totally sucks having only one PC to do everything – what’s worse is that Mitake is primarily my downloading PC, which means that I have minimal HDD space for other stuff. Japanese Media entries aside, my scanner is still broken and I can’t make scans. If I’m going to post Japanese media, it’s going to be with as many scans as possible. Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, I haven’t yet had time to take the damn scanner apart to diagnose the issue. Hopefully, I can recover my financial situation soon after a few paychecks so that I can buy a new PC for gaming and video editing.

Eugene had food poisoning a couple nights ago. It was nasty – I won’t even describe how sick he was, but he quickly recovered by the next morning. Then, after my usual afternoon visit with Candace after work today, he called me up and told me that he smashed up his GT. Apparently, he was trying to pass two parked vehicles and didn’t know that they were parked right in front of a snowmobile crossing – at the last minute, a snowmobile started to cross the road. Eugene knew he wouldn’t be able to stop on time, but he damn well tried – the snowmobilist only bumped harmlessly into the passenger’s side of Eugene’s car, but the car was instantly totalled by the snowmobile. Luckily, Eugene knew the guy, but the poor dude had just taken the machine out for the first time and didn’t have it insured yet. Since Eugene saw the whole situation as a blessing (because he hated and wanted to get rid of the GT), he told the guy that he could just take the car and pay him for it so he wouldn’t get screwed by Autopac if he tried a scam. Guess who has to wake up early to take him to work tomorrow morning? It’s a good thing I have to go in anyway, but I wasn’t expecting to go in three hours early.

Oh well, I might be able to play some WoW while waiting for Wil to get in. ^_^


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