The one with Transformers.

Here are a couple pictures I took of the Optimus Prime action figure I bought last week.

Transformers - Optimus Prime 01
Optimus Prime in full glory! These toys may no longer be made of die-cast metal, but one strength is that they are a lot more posable than ever before. Behold his mighty battle stance! “One shall stand, one shall fall.” Daaaaamn rights.

Transformers - Optimus Prime 02
Lights and sounds! Too bad my camera phone has no macro mode, otherwise it would be sharper.

WARNING! Possible spoiler alert! Maybe I nitpick too much, but gorram it, it’s my damn opinion whether anybody likes it or not. We watched Transformers tonight. It was a good movie, but there were a few imperfections, and contradictory to Michael Bay’s comments on the website, he did not stay true to several things in this movie. I accepted many of the changes made to the character designs, it was understandable, since he wanted realistic robots appropriate for today’s CGI standards, not blocky robots from the ’80’s. This resulted in very awesome-looking Transformers. Peter Cullen reprising his role as Prime also helped. The storyline was decent enough, and the movie had Michael Bay’s signature high-octane action. Megan Fox was really hot as the leading lady, and Shia LaBoeuf actually extended Spike’s character in the movie as compared to the G1 animated series. There was also some homage to G1, and they incorporated more humor than the original ever did (genuine humor, I’m not talking about the cheesy dialogue that made you laugh at the absurdity). I liked the fact that the Transformers all spoke their own alien language before they switched to English – it was a nice touch including an inconsistency that is rarely explained in movies. So, all is fair, I gave the high points of the movie. Now, on to the bad. Optimus Prime had a mouth that was even worse than the Beast Wars’ Optimus Primal. Why can’t his face mask just move while he’s talking like in G1? The rivalry between Megatron and Starscream fell short – Megatron insulted Starscream only once, and Starscream didn’t once offer his argument about why he would be a good leader, nor did he resort to his mutinous ways. Also, the human involvement in defeating the Decepticons, while admirable, was too much, I felt. Spike’s pivotal role in the movie was necessary, but the movie was called Transformers for a reason – I wanted to see robots interacting and battling with each other, not unnecessary human characters helping robots defeat other robots. In G1, humans such as Spike and Sparkplug had pivotal roles to play, but in the end, the show was about the Transformers. Sadly, the movie could have been made shorter (or more scenes could have been added) if they focused on just the Transformers, with Spike and Michaela as supporting characters. Anyway, those are just my two cents. When the movie comes out on DVD, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up buying it, just because it IS Transformers, and any live action movie is better than none.

I forgot to turn off the running lights on my car – they were left on for three hours. Thank goodness Roddy was willing to come back and help me boost my car, but it sucked that I had to spend half an hour in the parking lot at the hotel, waiting for the alternator to give the battery a good charge.


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