The one with Win-chan from Kaiyodo.

Sometimes, I’ll be going through my preorder newsletters and accidentally skip something super important (because those damn newsletters can be obnoxiously long and lackluster in information). Obviously, I missed Kaiyodo’s PVC figure of Win-chan, the popular Yoshizaki Mine character. Thank goodness for good reviewers like Heisei Democracy.

Since the preorder window is over, I had no choice but to order it from a seller on eBay. I also need to scrounge up some more cash to order Sky blue from Amazon.

I would pick up this cold cast figure of Housen Ryofu (NSFW link) from Ikki Tousen, but it feels weird enough ordering chaku-ero PVC figures while still living with my parents, and I don’t need shaking heads of disapproval when an ero figure shows up in the mail.


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