The one with XBox 360 and OS X.

Akane - Mac OS X Desktop 01 Akane - Mac OS X Desktop 02

Believe it or not, I’m posting this entry from Akane, my new MacBook. Is that cool or what? Check out the screenshots above to see my desktop. The second one is identical to the first one except that I have my Dashboard running.

Anyway, I went to Staples on Tuesday to see if my MacBook arrived yet, but it didn’t, and they were telling me that it wouldn’t arrive until Friday. Friday?! I was almost ready to lose it right then and there, especially with work getting on my nerves even more than usual this week. In the end, I walked calmly out of the store, went to Rogers Video, and bought an XBox 360. Why, you ask? Because of the recent price drop, and because it included Lost Planet as a bonus. How cool is that? I was going to pick up DEAD OR ALIVE 4 and DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 2, but they didn’t have the former, so I opted out and picked up Gears Of War and Sonic The Hedgehog instead. I figured that I would wait for both DOA games to drop in price, since I love them for the eye candy, but they would mostly sit on my shelves as part of my proud collection. Once I got the system home, I got it hooked up to my HDTV in the living room, and ever since then, I’ve been hooked on everything about the system – the interface, the online content, and so far, the arcade games. The sad thing is, I’ve been playing nothing but demos and games (already downloaded over 5 GB in content so far), but I haven’t even touched any of the games I bought. Hahaha. For fun, I downloaded and played the N3 NINETY NINE NIGHTS demo on Thursday morning, and I went out to Rogers and bought the full game the same day.

However, on Thursday afternoon, I got the call from Staples that my MacBook came in. Since I got my MacBook, I’ve been juggling between it and the 360. I love them both equally!! ^_^

Well, supper’s getting cold and more Invader Zim goodness is awaiting me, so I’m gonna cut this one short.

NSFW link ahead.

Sano Natsume & Aikawa Yuzuki - Double Impact!!
Sano Natsume & Aikawa Yuzuki – Double Impact!!

This is the wallpaper that I had in the background of my OS X screenshots. Pretty hot, eh?


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