Theming WordPress, PPC videos, raise.

Well, I got quite a bit done with WordPress yesterday, seeing as how work was slow. I figured out the basic structure of WordPress and began working on the layout right away. Today, I’ll be importing graphics and whatnot, so that I can have a reasonably working port of my theme. Soon, the site will be relaunched… muahaha! Oh yeah, and there will be a lot of backlog too.

I got in a few orders the past couple weeks, but I’ve been too lazy to post them. I just have drafts sitting in my queue, but I’ll have to get to them eventually. I hope.

Did something stupid yesterday. Instead of watching 24 like I should have, I started working on getting videos to work on Windows Media Player for Pocket PC. As you may or may not know, I have an HP iPaq hx2410, and while I’ve been using it for daily life, I’ve also been intrigued about getting videos to work on it. Mind you, I always have my PSP, but it’s not something that I can easily pull out just to watch a video (since I have it stored away safely in my backpack). So, as a result, I have to rely on my iPaq for quick listening to music and I decided that I want quick watching of videos (for when I’m bored). The problem was that I didn’t know the best way to do it. Then it hit me – WMP plays WMV files natively, so why not encode WMV files for my Pocket PC? The only problem is that there’s a limit to the amount of programs that encode WMV natively without codec support. Also, I didn’t know the actual resolution of my Pocket PC, so I had to rely on Windows Movie Maker. It detected a video encoded in XviD with MP3 audio no problem, and I reencoded it to WMV using the full screen Pocket PC profile – success! The video isn’t as sharp as before, but that’s crappy WMV for you. Later on, I’ll probably have to find a PPC video player that can read H.264/AVC videos.

I got an e-mail at work today – we’re no longer using the old expense report template as of the beginning of this month, so I had to submit a separate expense report with my trip to Snow Lake on it. Unfortunately, the new rates were lower, so I won’t be getting back the same amount as I would have on my other report. That blows chunks. On the up side, though, Stan called me at the office and informed me that I would be getting a raise! As of the 13th, I’ll be making $2000 more annually! w00t!

Three more days – Mom, Dad, and AM are going to China for three weeks.


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