Untitled Manga Characters.

Here are the four new characters for the untitled manga series that will be replacing HIOS Life. If you compare this art style to my previous one, you’ll notice a lot. I’m actually using guidelines! OMG! Anyway, I’m not comfortable with this style yet, so I’ll be posting new artwork regularly until I’m ready to draw the manga. In addition, there will be more characters to come! Keep checking back!

Nic Kleyh
New character design for Nic! He also gets a major personality overhaul fitting for the new series, and will be the fish-out-of-water character.

Hirose Kurumi
Kurumi is one of the main female leads. This girl will take on the character traits of my mother as discussed in the 2002-04-04 rant. I plan to give her one blue eye and one green eye.

Sakura Ryosuke
Ryosuke is the main male lead of the series. He’s basically the typical protagonist of bishoujo games, but has other darker sides to his personality. Details are sketchy at the moment, since I don’t even have a clue right now. ^_^

Hagiwara Azumi
Azumi is another female lead. She will be genki, oblivious to everything, and kawaii as possible. I plan to give her some child-like innocence and other qualities.

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