WordPressed for time.

Although nobody will see this post until the site is up, I’m gonna blog about it anyway.

I got WordPress successfully installed on my server. I’m currently working on an alternative way to import my Blogger entries (since my server lags on the import). On the plus side, I may be reviving my LJ, since there’s a plugin that automatically posts to LJ when posting on WP.

WP is pretty slick, overall. Nice flashy animations without being overly blatant, simplistic design, TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor, but missing some key features I would like to see such as mass post administration, so you can select multiple posts and apply options to it such as categories, password protection, comment enabling/disabling, or even mass delete. Maybe I should put my PHP coding skills to the test and write a plugin if nothing shows up in the next month or so.

Thanks to the new categories, I no longer have to make separate blogs for each of my sections. Thank goodness. Things are going to be quite awesome. Oh, yeah.

I just hope that porting my theme over will be as painless.


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