You can’t handle the tooth.

Which is true in every sense of the pun. Last night, I was eating some chili wings that Mom made, and while chewing, I heard a loud crunch from biting down. There was no way that I could have broken a chicken bone or something like that, so I went to inspect it – yep, the tooth that’s been needing a root canal (or pull) split in half. The whole tooth is still there, though wiggling one of the halves can separate it from the whole. It doesn’t really hurt, but it is numb like when you have a minor toothache, and only if I prod it with my tongue from the inside. After brushing my teeth for the night, a chunk fell off the side. I need to see a dentist. It’s all because that root canal specialist cancelled my appointment last summer because he wanted to go on vacation – it screwed up my schedule so much that I couldn’t get the time off from work for another appointment (since I already took it at the time for Ian’s wedding and Def Leppard).

The website is coming along, but – of course – the public won’t see this post until launch. I managed to import all my Blogger and LJ entries. Once that’s done, I might get my old rants in here, depending on their format.

I recently bought the Firefly DVD box set and watched it from beginning to end. Awesome. I honestly hope that it comes back (or at least continues in movie format).

Eugene and Leroy have a new band going. They need to stop playing covers, though, and work on more original stuff. Forsaken, their first single with the new line-up, is a good song so far.

I got in some more stuff, but I have to figure out how to use post templates (if they exist) before I can post anything. Stay tuned – or not, since the site isn’t live as of this writing.


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