The one with the completed server move.

Server move complete.
Excuses for not posting.
Griping, actually.
That was actually a haiku… but, I digress.
Geeking out about plamo, as usual.
In case you’re reading this excerpt, it’s NSFW in the full post. ^_~

The one with the third or fourth server move.

– I’m moving!
– I’m consolidating!
– Now 50% less fat and 25% more otaku!

The one with all work and no play.

– There’s actually some play, but not much.
– Although this blog may as well be dead, I still have plans to revitalize it as originally planned.
– Order updates.
– Unintentional review of Amigo’s new album (unintentional?!).

The one with the freebie and emergency purchases.

– Website still on hiatus.
– Neowing order with accumulated points.
– Amazon and Tower Records emergency orders.

The one with the site rebuild hiatus.

– No issues with the site rebuild, just sidetracked.
The Longest Journey (unofficial) prequel.
– My stance on the light novel.

The one with the site rebuild.

– Update on the progress of the new site.
– That’s pretty much it. Hmm.

The one with the blog move and upgrade.

– Major outage yesterday explained.
– Some questions answered.
– Future plans for this blog.

The one with the lack of cash and addiction withdrawal.

– Buying stuff with donated money equals free stuff.
– Tabula Rasa screenshots.
– Tricking myself into not buying stuff.
– Jennilee is here, rearranging our house, breaking my TV. ;_;
– New Atreyu.
– All by myself at work again.

The one with all the final summer purchases.

Kenwood KDC-MP735U

– Another declaration of bill payments.
– Bought a slew of much needed hardware.
– Thoughts on possible backup solutions.

The one with BlizzCon 2007.

– Thoughts about BlizzCon 2007.
– NOT going to Nickelback with Megan.
– Final big purchases and loan payments.
– DVD head units with built-in LCD screens don’t affect your driving… honest!