Site layout, change up!

Well, you may have noticed that my site layout changed almost two months ago. I’ve been busy trying to keep up with life and all its surprises. Recently, I went to Ai-kon in Winnipeg – my first convention ever. It was pretty good; not awesome, but good. I’ll eventually start blogging again, now that I’ve […]

Catching up on anime.

With changes at work (and due to illness), I found myself with some free time, so I used that sparingly to catch up on some recent anime series I’ve neglected to watch this past spring season. To LOVE Ru -Toraburu-, ROSARIO To VAMPIRE, and Kanokon. Ahh, nothing like fanservice-y, romukomu, harem anime!

By the way, work sucks.

It really does.

Fate/tiger colosseum.

If you take a well-known franchise, make it light-hearted, and SD all the characters, you’d have Fate/tiger colosseum, an upcoming PSP 3-D fighter. I’m looking forward to SABER LION. ガオオ~

Organic Sweater.

Since I don’t plan to get married or have kids, Mom asked me if she could pass on one of my childhood sweaters to some lucky kid. When I was really young, Mom knitted me this very intricate dinosaur sweater – it had more than one dinosaur, and they were all over the sweater. It’s […]

Moldy Bread.

I threw out the moldy bread. It got too moldy, and there were only three slices left. Three moldy slices.

Peach Jam Odor?

I bought some peach jam from Safeway on Monday, and took it to work along with a loaf of bread from home. I was a little nonplussed at why the bread was already molding around the edges, but with a few swift cuts from my knife, those moldy sections were as good as gone. However, […]

Tabula Rasa.

NCSoft, developer of Guild Wars, City Of Heroes, City Of Villains, and Lineage, are developing a new MMORPG in the form of a third-person action game called, Tabula Rasa. I just signed up for the beta test, but I think I might be too late, since the game is scheduled to release this October. Still, […]

Too hot for an update.

Yes, I’ve been neglecting this poor blog, because it’s too hot to sit down and churn out a lengthy post. Maybe when the weather cools down again. I have a story about a barbecue that ended up with a shirt being splashed with peach cooler, and Guitar Hero 2.

The WordPress upgrade died.

I took the entire blog down a couple hours ago! I decided to check my upgrade options in my admin options, and decided to auto-upgrade my WordPress install. What a huge mistake – my WordPress Dashboard stopped working and Unicode was disabled. I found out after an hour of panicking and restoring backups that for […]